Brad Hawkins

Christian County Public Schools Chief Operations Officer Brad Hawkins announced Thursday at the Christian County Board of Education that he will be retiring in the fall. Hawkins has worked in the district since 1991. 

He began his career as the agriculture instructor and FFA advisor at Christian County High School. He then became the principal of the CCPS Career and Technical Center, which he rebranded as Gateway Academy to Innovation and Technology. 

He was named CCPS chief operations officer in 2015. In that position, he has led the revitalization of many of the district’s physical assets, according to a CCPS press release. 

“He served as a district trainer for process and performance improvement and led the district through several cost saving projects,” CCPS Public Information Officer John Rittenhouse said in a statement. “Hawkins also worked with local emergency management officials to revise and update school emergency response plans.”

In addition to his work with CCPS, Hawkins volunteers for the PetPartners organization providing animal-assisted interventions to veterans with PTSD, seniors, students with literacy challenges, students with disabilities and people in hospice care.  

“I am so happy to have worked with him and to know him,” CCPS Superintendent Mary Ann Gemmill said at the Thursday night Christian County Board of Education meeting.  

Hawkins final day at CCPS will be Nov. 1. 

“I just wanted to thank him,” Gemmill said. “He’s worked really hard to get long range plans in place.”


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