A Knights of Columbus group gave a generous donation to a local pregnancy center this week after a successful bluegrass music festival.

Jeff Smith, who is the Financial Secretary for the Knights of Columbus Blessed Trinity Council, and his wife, Laura, host an annual fundraising one-day music fest that entails raising money for three pregnancy care centers in the Western Kentucky region.

In the beginning of 2014, this one-day festival in the heart of Lake Beshear began was a planted seed in the hopes of growing each harvest. The annual event is known as “Bluegrass on Lake Beshear — Pickin’ Life.” It’s hosted every year on the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend since 2014. Though still able to raise money last year, the duo was unable to hold the live event due to COVID-19.

The Catholic organization has been deeply involved in “Bluegrass on Lake Beshear — Pickin’ Life” festival since its beginning. The council also provides the manpower to help out in more ways than one whether that may be parking cars and escorting attendees, to providing and serving meals during the yearly festival.

In 2014, the first year of the Bluegrass Lake Beshear festival — a total of $2,500 dollars was raised which ended up winning the Kentucky State Council’s Culture of Life Award. The relationships made with the regional pregnancy care centers led to their council to win the KofC International Culture of Life Award in 2017. As the years pass, the support continues to multiply. The Hopkinsville Knights of Columbus Council and Christian County Right to Life are loyal supporters. This past year Jeff and Laura were able to raise a whopping $33,495. In the eight years that the couple has founded the organization Bluegrass on Lake Beshear — Pickin’ Life, the organization has raised more than $114,000 dollars. Every year, all proceeds received is distributed equally to three pregnancy care centers in Western Kentucky region. The three centers are Alpha PCC in Hopkinsville, Door of Hope in Madisonville and H.O.P.E. Clinic in Benton and Eddyville. All proceeds are split equally had given as a check to progress each facility.

“To think that this year with all of our sponsors and supporters and realizing we were able to raise over 30,000 dollars this year, just leaves me speechless. It’s amazing the amount of support we have had, said Laura. “We will continue the tradition in hopes of reaching new heights”

This past week, Alpha PCC in Hopkinsville was gifted a check from the Bluegrass on Lake Beshear — Pickin’ Life board. Laura expressed how delighted the staff of Alpha Pregnancy Care Center was to receive the donation. “Being able to give a donation to three centers warms my husband and I hearts. Each facility is fantastic,” Laura said. “All three are Christian based, who all provide excellent services to mothers in waiting.”

Alpha Pregnancy Care Center educates, supports and empowers women facing unplanned pregnancies with compassionate and professional medical care. All services provided are free with a plethora of services such as parenting classes, ultra sounds, healing sessions, and even adoption support after giving birth. The staff of Alpha consist of nurses, counselors, volunteers as well as many other full time employees.

While the founders continue to grow the magnitude of Bluegrass on Lake Beshear, the couple is in the works of starting a sector in another location near Dawson Springs. The couple is excited for all the future entails. To stay in the loop visit website: http://www.bluegrassonbeshear.com/

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