The Christian County High School gymnasium was packed with senior students Friday morning as they began to consider their career choices after they graduate during the school’s Fifth Annual Colonel Commitment College and Career Fair.

The gym had roughly 50 tables set up with representatives from several colleges and businesses to help teach seniors what opportunities they will have after graduating high school. At the same time, seniors took part in mock interviews.

After they walked around the gym, talking to various colleges and business people, seniors left handprints on the front wall just outside the gym, to mark their commitment to graduation and leaving their legacy at the high school.

Following the college and career fair, senior students rode buses to the Christian County Middle School Performing Arts Center, where they listened to key speakers from one of four areas of career choices following graduation.

The keynote speakers represented a two-year college, four-year university, a local business and the military.

The featured speakers were Dr. Alissa Young, Hopkinsville Community College president, Dan Kemp, former Hopkinsville mayor and board member for Murray State University, Ryann Boyd, Planters Bank and CCHS graduate and Sgt. Alex Baxter, National Guard.

Each spoke on their represented area of career and why it might be the right choice for certain seniors after graduation.

After the keynote speakers, students watched a “fashion show” by CCHS Fashion Marketing Instructor Marvin Harness, which showcased professional attire.

Meanwhile, sophomore and junior students also participated in the career and college fair at the high school gym.

Seniors then had an hourlong lunch provided by Chick-Fil-A before they participated in various soft skills workshops. Those workshops briefly taught students skills like doing taxes, handling vehicle emergencies, resume writing, job interview skills, what to do when you get pulled over by police and much more. The students participated in their choice of four out of the total 15 workshops.

“They were exposed to colleges, they met with representatives face to face and with business and military representatives and got some information from them so that they can make an informed decision before they leave high school of what they want to do or go,” said Christian Russell, a CCHS College and Career coach.

“The workshops provide students with some real-world adulting, one on one and information on things we don’t always get to provide to them in the classroom.”

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