During Elkton City Council's meeting Thursday night, Elkton Mayor Arthur Green presented an update on a sewer project planned for the city, with the council authorizing an additional loan for that project.

The council approved a resolution to enter into a loan agreement with the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority for $3.4 million that will be used for the sewer construction and rehabilitation project whose first phase will likely begin at the end of the month, said Elkton City Clerk/Treasurer Laura Brock.

Brock said officials have been making plans for the project for more than a year.

She said the first phase will involve replacing and repairing the sewer lines, and Brock noted that residents will start seeing construction crews and will smell the chemical, styrene, that will be used in creating the new pipes. For much of the work, a "cured in place pipe" approach will be used.

The new pipes will essentially be created inside the old pipes, Brock said, with no need to dig up existing sewer lines to install new ones; it saves work and is cheaper than the old approach.

Brock said the crews will be working throughout the city of Elkton.

The council also on Thursday presented first reading of an ordinance that will add three citizen members to the Elkton Planning Commission and increase the total number of members to nine.

A special-called meeting is slated for 5 p.m. on Monday to consider a second reading of that ordinance, and if the ordinance passes, the mayor will present those members during that meeting.

All members of the commission are citizen members, with one of them appointed by the county.

The special-called meeting also will consider a second reading on a proposal by Green to appoint a public works director for its former utility street department, now the public works department.

This proposal also establishes incentives for public works employees, Brock said. As those employees obtain licenses such as water distribution licenses and others from the state they will receive raises.

An ordinance presented on first reading Thursday night made the mayor's public works proposal an amendment to the city's pay scale, and it will be considered on second reading Monday night.

A separate amendment to the pay scale passed on second reading Thursday. That measure created a position of police officer evidence custodian, a new position at the Elkton Police Department; Brock noted that an officer will be promoted within the department and given extra duties to handle evidence.

That position will not be a new hire, she said.

In other business

• The council discussed the city's garbage contract with Waste Management and voted to rebid that contract, probably in March or April.

• The mayor re-appointed members Don Laster and Rodney Seay to four more years on the Elkton Planning Commission.

• The city decided to partner with Todd County in plans for the communities' bicentennial celebrations.

• Green announced that the filing deadline to run for city council, a non-partisan race, June 2 instead of August; the Kentucky General Assembly recently made a change in these deadlines.

• The council awarded the bid to repair portions of 10 streets in the city to Road Builders of Greenville. Cost for the combined repairs is $120,900, and work should be completed in the spring or summer.

• The mayor recognized the Elkton Fire Department for its hard work. The department has an all-volunteer crew, and 93% of those volunteers are certified, having completed the 20 hours of training required by the state. According to state requirements, 50% of the firefighters have to be certified.

• A special-called meeting is slated for 5 p.m. Monday at Elkton City Hall to have the second reading on the two ordinances addressing the pay scale and changes to public works and the additional members of the planning commission. If those members are approved, they will be presented during that meeting.

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