Commissioners approve first reading of ordinance, second to come next week

Pembroke City Commissioners held a special called meeting Monday night to vote on the first readings of two ordinances, one being an ordinance to allow golf carts and all-terrain vehicles on city streets.

At the last commissioners meeting on Aug. 19, the commission received a draft written by both Pembroke Police Chief Monte Strode and City Clerk Todd Darnell for an ordinance to allow golf carts, all terrain vehicles and other similar vehicles to drive on the main roads of Pembroke.

Strode was approached by several community members asking to allow individuals to drive these vehicles in town. After receiving those requests, Strode conducted several traffic studies which showed that allowing those vehicles on the main road would most likely be a safe option.

Also at the previous meeting, Strode asked City Attorney Jack Lackey to research whether or not Strode and the police department would be able to conduct inspections on those types of vehicles so that Christian County Sheriff's deputies would not have to travel to Pembroke to do the inspections.

On Monday, Lackey shared that Strode and the department would be allowed to conduct inspections as long as they are designated by the Christian County Sheriff's Office and obtain the necessary credentials.

Lackey and Strode both shared that they don't believe acquiring those credentials would be a problem.

If the ordinance is passed, Pembroke would allow golf carts and all-terrain vehicles to travel on any Pembroke city street with a speed limit of 45 mph or less. However, there were some stipulations.

Residents would need to obtain a permit and have their vehicle inspected by either CCSO or Strode -- if designated by CCSO.

The cost of the permit would be $15, which includes both the vehicle inspection and required sticker.

The permit would be credible for a year and following the first year, renewal of the permit would only be $10.

Drivers must still have their driver's license while driving the vehicle and must also have proof of insurance for the vehicle present at all times.

see pembroke/page a6

All commissioners with the exception of Jeanette Aldridge voted to approve the ordinance.

Aldridge shared that she voted against the ordinance because she is concerned for the safety of Pembroke residents and doesn't want to see any accidents involving golf carts or all-terrain vehicles.

"I'd rather (the golf carts and all-terrain vehicles) not be on the roads," Aldridge said. "Because of the 45 speed limit. You know, you got a car coming to you and you're running down a hill 45 and you look up and there's a golf cart. It scares me."

The ordinance's second reading will be at the commissioners regular meeting next Monday.

The commissioners also unanimously approved the first reading of the 2019 property tax rates. Tax rates have stayed the same as last year, with no new changes. That ordinance will have a second reading at the next meeting as well.

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Commissioners approve first reading of ordinance, second to come next week

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