Logging onto the internet several weeks ago, Lesley Moshier started "Googling" for information about stay-at-home moms and something to bring in a little extra cash for her family.

She'd gotten her nursing degree in 2016 and worked for a while at Trigg County Hospital, but Moshier, a lifelong resident of Hopkinsville, wanted the flexibility to spend time with her six children.

She began picking up part-time nursing shifts and then discovered the opportunity she'd been seeking in an online marketing company that took Moshier's thoughts back to her earliest days as a mother.

"I just think if I had known about something like this when my kids were that small and having to travel, that's definitely something I would have done," said Moshier about BabyQuip, a service that allows families to rent baby-centric equipment and supplies to visitors coming into their communities.

Think vacations visits home and holidays.

It works this way: Families with children who are planning to travel can search online for Moshier, who is an independent quality provider for Baby Quip and can provide the items they need once they arrive at their destination. She eliminates the need to find a place in the car for that bulky crib or stroller, and there's no need to pack toys for the kids. Moshier offers a few of those on her website as well.

Once the family, and the youngsters, arrive in town, Moshier can deliver the items and set them up. She'll also pick them back up after the family's stay.

Her first job just a couple of days after she put up her site was for a family visiting Corydon, a small city just off Interstate 69 in Henderson County that was about an hour's drive away for Moshier.

She delivered two full-size cribs for a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old, along with mattress protectors and crib sheets. Four days later, she picked them back up at the Airbnb where the family was staying.

"It was exciting, and I was glad," Moshier said. "It was good to know I was able to help them ... so they didn't have to bring their own cribs because that would have been a big hassle for them."

Moshier said she likes meeting new families, setting up for them and making their stay more enjoyable, and she noted that a service like hers is good for young parents who are traveling.

Her website at babyquip.com/lesley240 lists Christian County's several communities, in addition to Todd and Trigg counties, Princeton, Dawson Springs and Montgomery County in Tennessee where she will deliver for a fee. For places outside those areas, Moshier said she charges mileage. The closer a delivery location is to her own home in Hopkinsville, the less it will cost the family needing her services.

Moshier added that if a family requests a particular item, she will try to get it for them.

Across the U.S. and Canada, Mosier is one of about 450 people who are renting out baby equipment through BabyQuip's online marketing site, although the Hopkinsville woman said she is likely one of only a few independent contractors in this area. Nashville does have providers who serve that city, she said.

Moshier said she keeps inventory for individuals who can go to her website and reserve items; their reservations will then be sent to her email, allowing her to do delivery and set-up of the items.

In addition to her website, she also has a presence on Instagram and Twitter.

On Facebook, search for Lesley Mosier, BabyQuip independent quality provider, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, or call her at 270-987-1643. The Hopkinsville woman has also been contacting hotels in the area and has a post at gocadiz.com.

The Hopkinsville woman said she believes BabyQuip is a really good idea, and it's one she can involve her children in by bringing them along for the deliveries.

"It's fun for them as well," the mother said. "It gives them a sense of being able to help."

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or tgrace@kentuckynewera.com.

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