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Amy McGrath, who is making a bid for Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell’s seat in the U.S. Senate, speaks with supporters Friday night at the Hopkinsville Brewing Co.

A chatter of voices echoed throughout the upstairs room at the Hopkinsville Brewing Co., as supporters awaited the arrival of Amy McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot and Democrat who has announced her campaign against Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell in the 2020 U.S. Senate race.

But the chatter grew to applause as McGrath arrived and began talking of term limits, of better jobs for Americans, of a solution for the opioid crisis — and of her support for her home state of Kentucky.

“I want to be a senator who always puts my country and my state above political party,” McGrath, who grew up in Edgewood in northern Kentucky, told supporters during a visit on Friday in Hopkinsville.

She visited earlier in the day in Owensboro and Henderson and will be in Somerset on Monday.

McGrath spoke directly of McConnell, referencing his 35 years in office and noting that “Kentucky can do so much better than the guy we have sitting in the Senate right now.” Among other things, she said McConnell is not doing anything to invest in the state and create good quality jobs for the future.

She noted that McConnell is making things worse for medical care by taking away Medicare, and McGrath also pointed out that McConnell “doesn’t let people vote on prescription bills,” she said.

Lowering prescription costs should be one of the first things legislators address, she said.

Additionally, McGrath favors a situation allowing Americans to buy the health insurance they want. She supports term limits and said she’d like to get “dark money” from Russia and China out of the U.S.

McGrath described the upcoming U.S. Senate race as the most important race in the country.

“We can change the trajectory of our country if we can get rid of Mitch McConnell,” McGrath said, adding that “we cannot change Washington (D.C.) until we change the people we send there.”

She noted that her strategy for winning will include efforts to talk with people about issues such as education and health care that matter and to “keep my eye on the ball,” McGrath said.

She said she wants to be a senator who puts her country and state first above politics, and McGrath told her listeners that she will also work to get the resources to defeat the Senate incumbent.

She noted that she will have field offices in the region and would like to have people’s support as she continues her campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate. She urged her supporters to become actively involved in the campaign, volunteering as things ramp up in the summer and fall, talking to people about her run for office and signing up to help if they can.

“Anything you can do to be a part of this (will help),” McGrath told the crowd of people who were on hand at the downtown brewery during her recent visit in the local community.

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

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