The suspect accused in the April College Street murder had her case set for jury trial Wednesday afternoon in Christian Circuit Court Judge Andrew Self’s courtroom.

Kachelle Isbell, 25, is accused of the shooting death of Anthony Johnson on April 3.

Isbell appeared in court in person along with her defense attorney Doug Moore.

Isbell was granted a bond reduction at a May 13 bond hearing and was later released from the Christian County Jail in June.

On the same May 13 hearing, Self granted the defense’s motion to dismiss the Christian County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office from prosecuting the case.

Special Prosecutor Tim Cocanougher has since been appointed to prosecute the case. Cocanougher appeared in Self’s court via Zoom Wednesday afternoon.

As the court hearing began Wednesday, Moore explained to the court that he had recently spoken with Cocanougher and he had advised Moore that the case would need to be tried by jury.

Moore then requested that the trial be scheduled for either February or March after discussing the matter with Cocanougher.

However, Moore also shared that an unrelated McCracken County capital case, in other words a death penalty case, is likely to be scheduled for trial in the same time frame.

“Right now, that case is set in July of next year, but we have an agreement to sever the two codefendants and then we’re going to move my client forward to the February, March time period,” Moore said to Self.

“If you want to go ahead and set this one, I’ll just have to tell them it’s unavailable.”

Self agreed to Moore’s request to set the trial in that time period, but explained that it can be moved if the McCracken County trial conflicts with Isbell’s case.

“What I’d like to do then is go ahead and set a date in the February, March timeframe,” Self said. “If the date set in Mr. Moore’s McCracken County case causes a conflict, then we’ll regroup and get another date. We can do that in the next week or two, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Self then scheduled the trial to begin on Mar. 7.

Moore and Cocanougher agreed that they expect the trial to last no more than one week.

Self set a final pretrial conference in the case for Feb. 23.

Following that decision, Moore requested that Isbell have her conditions of release be modified to allow her to work at a prospective job she has lined up.

“Ms. Isbell is on ankle monitor with restrictions of not to leave (her home) and she has a job opportunity at Pella (Corporation) in Murray working third shift, which would help her pay for the ankle monitor,” Moore said.

“I haven’t spoken to Mr. Cocanougher about this, but if he’s agreeable, I could tender an order.”

Cocanougher shared that he would not be opposed as long as she remains on the ankle monitor and is constantly monitored.

Self ultimately agreed to Moore’s request and allowed her to be able to work while on ankle monitor.

According to New Era archives, Hopkinsville Police Detective Randall Green previously testified that Isbell told police that she and Johnson had been in an argument in front of a home in the 1500 block of College Street when he continued to approach her despite her telling him not to.

Johnson allegedly brushed up against her or pushed her causing her to fall backwards onto the steps of the home. It was at that time that she allegedly shot and killed Johnson, she allegedly told police.

Isbell also allegedly admitted to police to shooting Johnson and was found with a gun kneeling over Johnson’s body.

Isbell is charged with a single count of murder.

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