The family legacy of Joe Mumford will be celebrated with the unveiling of the new park named in his honor.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 2 p.m. Nov. 22 at the park on Woodmill Road and East 18th Street.

The $650,000 recreational development measures 3.76 acres and features a playground, basketball court, pavilion, restroom facilities, parking and lawn areas for gatherings.

Joseph "Joe" Mumford was born July 29, 1919, in Christian County, according to a photo of his gravestone at Kentucky Veterans Cemetery West. He served in the Army and married another Christian County native, Frances Louise Thomas Mumford, and raised their children at 1913 Church St.

While living in Durrett Avenue neighborhood, Joe Mumford is said to have been instrumental in making sure the neighborhood was part of the city and not just the county like it once was, according to District 1 Magistrate Magaline Ferguson.

Mumford, the father of seven, died Oct. 9, 1978, at the age of 59, according to his obituary.

Several of his adult children are planning to attend the Nov. 22 ceremony for the relocated park.

Mayor Carter Hendricks said he is excited to see this park project come to fruition.

"Thanks to Councilmember Patricia Bell’s persistent leadership and City Council’s support, we are celebrating the relocation and reestablishment of one of Hopkinsville’s most beloved and well known neighborhood parks," he said in the news release. "We will all be pleased as we see young people, families and residents from all over our community taking advantage of this awesome opportunity. We’ve also been honored to learn more about the park’s namesake as the Mumford family has truly made their mark in our community and across the globe. I encourage the public to join us for this very special ribbon cutting.”

For more information on the ceremony, call 270-890-0200.

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