Hopkinsville City Council updated the panhandling fines list in the Code of Ordinances.

The citation for the first offense — which is listed as pedestrian and traffic safety — costs $50, second offense is $100 and any other offense is $150.

Additionally, if the citation is contested and a hearing is required before the Code of Enforcement Board, the fines will be $100 on the first offense, $200 on the second offense and $300 on all other offenses.

Additionally, the council voted to close several streets and alleys and rezoned another.

An alley between East First and South Campbell streets will be closed.

Additionally a street and alley between South Cleveland Avenue and South Elm Street were closed.

Council members also passed on first reading the rezoning of 2 acres on East First Street from a light industrial district to a multifamily residential district.

According to the recommendation from Community Development Services, “significant social and economic changes have occurred” to rezone the property.

On another topic, the council voted to change the classification and pay grade for the fire prevention and public education position at Hopkinsville Fire Department.

Councilman Tom Johnson spoke up about his concern with the original ordinance on the agenda, motioning to instead move the position to a higher pay grade and exempt it from overtime.

Councilman Terry Parker seconded Johnson’s motion.

Councilman Phillip Brooks asked Fire Chief Steve Futrell what good would the amendment do for the fire department as far as recruitment.

“This position has evolved over the years and we’re really trying to make the salary match,” Futrell said. “That would be helpful as far as making somebody want to get into that position because it also has the pay with it.”

The pay range is now on par with the fire battalion chief from $55,634 to $76,607.

Councilman Adams asked if there were any consequences to amending the position to the higher pay grade.

Futrell said aside from requiring continued education, it would not change the job duties or the fire departments’ budget.

The ordinance passed 10-1, with a no vote from Councilman Adams.

In other business

  • The council approved the city’s contract with the state for COVID-19 relief reimbursement funds of $2,230,969.
  • The city approved two grant agreements for the Hopkinsville-Christian County Airport, one for an improvement program grant of $55,261 and $30,000 for the CARES Act grant agreement.
  • Council unanimously passed a municipal order for the intergovernmental support agreement between Fort Campbell and Hopkinsville for traffic signage.
  • Council approved a municipal order for the city to sign electrical inspector contracts with William Bond, Lewis Hopper, Terrill Snodgrass and Mark Walker. Alfred Cossey resigned from his contract with the city Aug. 1.
  • During council member comments, Patricia Bell said a gentleman asked if residents would be allowed to celebrate this weekend for Eighth of August.

Mayor Wendell Lynch said gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited by the governor.

“We will not sanction it,” Lynch said of the city.

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