Two murder suspects appeared in court for separate cases Wednesday morning to schedule a new trial date and motion hearing.

The first to appear was Deqavion James, 21, who is one of two accused in the July 2016 Ghost Bridge murder.

James appeared in court Wednesday morning before Judge John Atkins with his defense attorney David Rye to schedule a motion hearing.

Rye's request was to schedule a suppression hearing in order for evidence brought up by Commonwealth's Attorney Rick Boling to be suppressed before trial. James is currently set for jury trial Jan. 20.

Atkins agreed to hold a suppression hearing and scheduled the motion hearing for 1 p.m. Aug. 15.

Leonardo D. Miller, 22, and James are accused of the murder and robbery of De'Andre Palmer before dumping his body by Ghost Bridge near Carter Road in Oak Grove.

Both men are charged with murder, first-degree robbery and tampering with physical evidence.

The suspect in a murder on Kenwood Drive in May 2017 had a new jury trial date scheduled before Atkins Wednesday morning.

Sergio A. Del Angel, 25, originally had a trial date scheduled at his last pretrial conference Jan. 23.

However, his defense attorney Rye, along with Boling, shared that there have been some issues with witnesses and more evidence needs to be gathered before either are ready to go to trial.

Boling shared that he has had trouble locking down dates to meet with certain witnesses that previously agreed to testify as well as one witness retracting an identification of Del Angel as the suspect.

Boling shared that he will be needing to conduct additional interviews in light of these issues. He also shared that prosecution will also be doing additional DNA testing in the case, which is currently expected to take another three or four months to be finished.

After hearing Boling and Rye's reasons for needing an extension, Atkins agreed to vacate the trial date previously set for July 29.

Atkins scheduled a new trial date to be Feb. 17-28.

Del Angel allegedly shot and killed Kristofer Armstrong on Kenwood Drive on May 11, 2017. He is charged with murder, three charges of convicted felon in possession of a handgun, three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment and one charge of tampering with physical evidence.

Court documents state Del Angel is believed to have shot Armstrong in the chest with a handgun on the porch of the home Armstrong shared with his girlfriend Ashley Saunders. Del Angel was identified through court documents as the ex-boyfriend of Saunders.

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