One of the last suspects involved in a robbery at Burke’s Outlet parking lot entered a guilty plea and received his final sentence Wednesday afternoon before Christian Circuit Judge Andrew Self.

Jordan L. Shemwell, 20, appeared in Self’s court via Zoom while at his home to enter his guilty plea along with his defense attorney Jason Holland.

Self began the proceeding by reading into the record what the plea deal is that Shemwell had entered.

Shemwell was originally charged with first-degree robbery, possession of drug paraphernalia and carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

However, under his plea deal, his robbery charge was amended down to theft by unlawful taking more than $500 but less than $10,000 while his other two charges were dismissed. The commonwealth recommended a sentence of two years in prison, but the two year sentence to be diverted for a period of one year.

He would also be required to pay restitution to the victim in the case, Self added.

A diversion means that as long as the defendant follows all of the rules of the diversion and does not commit any further crimes, the charges would be dropped and expunged from the defendant’s records.

Following Self reading the plea deal, Shemwell officially entered the plea deal before his attorney waived a separate final sentencing hearing for Shemwell.

Holland simply requested Self to follow the plea agreement between the defense and the prosecution.

Christian County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Bolen, who was prosecuting the case, requested the same.

“I’m going to follow the agreement then,” Self said to the court. “I’m going to impose the sentence of two years, I’m going to pretrial divert that for a period of one year. I’m also going to order that Mr. Shemwell pays $794.99 to (the victim) in restitution.”

Self added that the restitution Shemwell must pay is a joint obligation with his codefendants, meaning the total cost is spread between Shemwell and his codefendants. Self also required that the restitution be paid in total by May 5.

According to New Era archives, on Dec. 9, 2019, Shemwell, Tyler T. Parker, 19, Zyair Clack, 19, and Jacorie Summers, 22, as well as one additional unknown individual, assaulted and robbed the victim of his wallet, cash, iPhone, his jacket and boots.

The victim reportedly told police he went over to a vehicle that Shemwell was driving and shook his hand, who he allegedly knew from school, the report said.

The other people in the vehicle allegedly got upset about the handshake and an argument ensued. Summers, Parker and the unknown person got out of the vehicle, the report added.

Clack allegedly threatened to shoot the victim, and the other three people, Shemwell, Summers and Parker assaulted and robbed him.

Officers later located the described vehicle on Rose Drive and stopped the vehicle before searching it for stolen property.

Police allegedly discovered a loaded handgun, a black mask, marijuana, a digital scale and the victim’s stolen property in a black bag.

Officers then transported the three teens, Clack, Parker and Shemwell, back to Burke’s to be identified by the victim.

The victim allegedly positively identified Clack as the robber, while Parker was identified as the front-seat passenger and Shemwell as the driver of the vehicle.

Summers was arrested Dec. 16 for his alleged involvement in the robbery.

Parker recently entered a guilty plea in his case on Dec. 17.

Parker was originally charged with first-degree robbery, possession of drug paraphernalia while armed, possession of marijuana while armed and carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

On Dec. 17, he entered a guilty plea to the amended charges of theft by unlawful taking over $500 but under $10,0000 and possession of drug paraphernalia while his marijuana and weapon charges were dismissed.

Self ultiamtely sentenced Parker to two years in prison and gave him credit for time already served.

Clack recently pleaded guilty to his involvement in the case. He was originally charged with first-degree robbery, possession of drug paraphernalia while armed, carrying a concealed deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

His plea deal consisted of his charges being amended to second-degree robbery while his other charges remained the same.

Self ultimately chose to sentence Clack to five years in prison and revoked his diversion, requiring him to spend two additional years.

However, Self did give Clack credit for time served in prison to both of his cases.

Summers has not yet been sentenced in his case.

In other court news, the defense attorneys of the suspects accused in the North Kentucky Avenue murder that happened in October, 2020, shared with Self’s court that they are still in the process of reviewing of evidence in the case.

Larayna Manning, 47, and Anthony Manning, 24, both appeared in Self’s court via Zoom while at the Christian County Jail as their defense attorneys Shannon Powers and Jason Pfeil appeared from their offices.

Powers, who represents Anthony, shared with the court that he had not yet been able to review the evidence with his client as he is still combing through it himself.

“We’ve received quite a bit of discovery (evidence) in this case — a lot of it is electronic body cam video footage that I have not been able to get through,” Powers said. “We’re not quite ready to proceed with setting a trial date at this time, but we’d ask for a short continuance so we can get through the rest of discovery.”

Powers requested that the case be continued to May 19, which he said would be adequate time for both Powers and Pfeil to finish reviewing the evidence and decide how best to move forward in their cases.

Pfeil shared that he agreed with Powers’ request before adding that he would not be submitting a motion for a bond reduction on Larayna’s behalf as he understands that her circumstances have not changed at this time.

“Should the circumstances change though, I do reserve the right to file another motion on Ms. Manning’s behalf,” Pfeil said to Self.

Self agreed and scheduled the pair to appear again on May 19.

Larayna is accused in the homicide of Calvin Taylor, 70, on Oct. 12, 2020 at a home on North Kentucky Avenue. Anthony is accused as an accomplice to the murder.

According to New Era archives, Larayna was driven to Taylor’s home by her son, Anthony and had allegedly intended to obtain drugs at the home.

Larayna allegedly entered the home while Anthony stayed in the vehicle. While Anthony was waiting inside, he heard gunshots and entered the home to find Taylor shot and Larayna inside a bathroom.

Larayna allegedly asked Anthony if Taylor was dead and if they should call the police.

Archives state that Anthony allegedly told her not to call police.

Taylor was later found by HPD officers with gunshot wounds to his head and abdomen and his mouth and wrists had been duct-taped, indicating there may have been a robbery.

Drugs, cash and a safe were reportedly missing from the home, according to the archives.

Also according to archives, another vehicle had also arrived at Taylor’s home around the same time the Mannings arrived.

It is not clear if Larayna had fired any shots and police are continuing to investigate the other vehicle and suspects.

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