The Christian County Health Department reported nine new positive COVID-19 cases as of Friday as active cases continue to stay in the lower numbers.

According to CCHD, there are 164 currently active cases as of Friday afternoon while Thursday had 155 active cases.

Compared to the beginning of the week, Monday had a total 137 active cases in the county.

As of Friday, the total number of cases Christian County has encountered sits at 6,961, which is an increase of 46 cases for the week with Monday’s total cases at 6,915.

The total number of recovered cases also increased this week from 6,677 on Monday to 6,696 on Friday.

Fortunately, no new COVID-related deaths were reported this week, leaving the total number of deceased individuals at 101.

Positivity rate in the county also continues to see a decreasing trend.

According to Hopkinsville Mayor Wendell Lynch’s weekly update via Facebook, the positivity rate as of Friday sits at 3.12% while last week the positivity rate was at 3.36%.

“Our positivity rate continues to go down,” Lynch said. “It went down for a long, long time then it kind of bottomed out and started back up, but we’re at 3.21 right now and that’s down 3.36 a week ago and 3.48 before then. So, now we’re seeing a positive trend.”

Of the total 164 active cases reported Friday, 56 cases are individuals aged 0-21, 89 cases are ages 22-59, while 17 are from 60-84 and only two people reported as active cases are 85 or older. All nine of the new cases on Friday are between ages 0 and 59, according to CCHD.

Lynch also shared that Gov. Andy Beshear announced this week that outdoor events featuring less than 1,000 people will no longer be required to wear masks.

While that can be seen as positive news, indoor requirements have not yet been lifted.

Lynch reiterated that the state will require masks indoors until a certain number of adults have been vaccinated in the state.

“We’re not there yet on the indoor — you know that magic number of 2.5 million adults vaccinated will allow (Beshear) predominantly lift all of the limits indoors,” Lynch said. “We’re not there yet. We’re still about 700,000 away with 1.8 million Kentucky adults have been fully vaccinated. We’re pushing toward that number and hopefully, we’ll get there in the next 30, 45 days.”

On an unrelated, but similar note, CCHD Director Kayla Bebout received an award from the Kentucky Public Health Association.

Lynch shared that Bebout was awarded the 2021 Commissioner’s Meritorious Service Award.

“Kayla and her team at the health department have done a phenomenal job over the last year,” Lynch said.

“Typically, they kind of operate under the radar, but for the last year they’ve been very much on top of it and have done a very phenomenal job.”

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