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Sassy Stuff Consignment owner Cindy Killebrew (right) hugs Wendy Meyers after signing a lease for a new location at 3231 LaFayette Road. Meyers, owner of Welcome Home Sales and Rental, offered the location after the former store burned down Sunday.

Sassy Stuff Consignment will reopen at a new location after a fire Sunday destroyed its longtime home on Fort Campbell Boulevard.

Owner Cindy Killebrew is setting up shop at 3231 LaFayette Road, but an opening date is not yet set.

“We still have some bumps along the way and a long way to go, but we have a foundation and that itself is a blessing,” Killebrew said in a Facebook post holding up keys to the new place.

Killebrew said Thursday in a phone interview that donated carpet and flooring will be laid next week, and then she will start to paint.

“It’s still going to be the pink building, but I won’t be able to put the pink on the side of the building until this summer,” she said. “We’re going with all neutrals inside.”

Donations of clothes, clothing racks and hangers are being accepted at the new location from 1 to 5 p.m. Friday and starting at 10 a.m. Saturday.

Killebrew said anything will help.

“We lost it all. We’re having to start completely from scratch and get a new computer and a printer for my tickets. I had just bought tickets (price tags) for six months, and I’ve got to replace those.”

Killebrew said she got the call around 4:50 a.m. Sunday saying her store was on fire. All Hopkinsville Fire Department stations responded, working into the late afternoon Sunday to put out the blaze.

No one was injured, but part of the roof collapsed and the building has been deemed a complete loss.

Killebrew said the store was open as usual the day before.

“We were in there on Saturday, and it could have been festering then,” she said. “There were people in my office trying on clothes. I had just sank $4,000 in my prom room redoing it — it just kind of sucks.”

Killebrew said the owner of the building said he doesn’t plan to rebuild.

“My landlord had insurance on the building, but I didn’t have insurance on my stuff,” she said. “Before the roof fell in, he was like maybe we could rebuild it, but now he plans to bulldoze it.”

Some Sassy Stuff consignors inquired on social media about being compensated for the items they had on consignment in the store and a few asked about the money they had on the books.

A Facebook Live video shared Tuesday shows Killebrew saying “suck it up, that’s why I have a contract” and that she lost $4,000 of her own investment in the prom room at the store.

Killebrew further explained her point to the New Era Thursday.

“When people sign the contract, it states that I’m not liable for any of their products from water damage or anything like that,” she said. “They’re taking a risk just like I am.”

Killebrew said she understands that people are upset.

“I feel like I have failed all of my consignors, and I’ve got to build that trust back up,” she said. “My heart just breaks because I poured every bit of my time and my energy into that business.”

Killebrew said she hasn’t been in the old building to see what she can recover due to the structure being unsafe to enter, but droves of people have stepped up to replace what was lost.

“I was floored at the support,” she said. “I cried.”

The offer for the new Sassy Stuff location came through social media after a local property manager saw the devastation of the fire.

Wendy Meyers, owner/broker of Welcome Home Sales and Rentals, said she talked to the owner of the LaFayette Road building she manages, and he was on board with giving Killebrew three months free rent to open at their location.

“I’ve been trying to get her to come over to my building for awhile,” Meyers said, “and I always gave her all my consignment too.”

Of why she decided to help, Meyers said, “This is another local business helping a local business. I was just hoping she’d take that leap of faith with me and she did.”

Killebrew said faith is all she has right now, and she’s hoping to be open by next weekend.

“This is my ministry,” she said of the store. “I mean it’s not just about selling the clothes. People come in there to look around, listen to music, just to talk or they might just need a hug. I started this business step by step by step, and I’m not going to let the devil take it away from me.”

Meyers said she’s confident Killebrew and the store will find a way.

“She’s a longtime business and she had an amazing following,” she said. “There is no doubt in my mind that she will be successful there.”

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