Jordan Seth Peveler, former band director at Hopkinsville High School, was arrested Wednesday on three felony charges from Christian County, but as of Thursday afternoon, he was no longer listed as an inmate on the Christian County Jail website.

His bond was set at $10,000.

Peveler is charged with one count of unlawful transaction with a minor (second degree), sodomy (third degree) and rape (third degree).

Commonwealth's Attorney Rick Boling said the case will be handled by a special prosecutor out of Murray, Commonwealth's Attorney Dennis Foust.

"Once we were made aware there was an investigation, we sought a special prosecutor to handle the case," Boling said.

Foust is also a former circuit judge.

According to the police report, Peveler was arrested on the strength of a warrant signed by Judge Foster Cotthoff on Wednesday.

The warrant states that during June 2017 Peveler “knowingly provided” marijuana to a 16-year-old female HHS student at his home. After the student was “under the influence of marijuana,” Peveler asked her to “perform oral sex on him, which she did.”

According to the warrant, Peveler was in a “position of authority or special trust” to the victim at the time of the incident. Peveler was — at the time — the student’s teacher and band director at HHS and “had come into contact with her as a result of that position.”

In August 2017 — after the student turned 17 years old — Peveler allegedly had sexual intercourse with the student at his home in Hopkinsville. The warrant states that Peveler was “at the time still in a position of authority or special trust” to the student. He was still her band director.

This story will be updated as more information is available.

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