Travis Mayes

The man accused of the February 2020 shooting on South Vine and East Second streets, Travis Mayes, 38, had his case set for trial once again in Christian Circuit Judge John Atkins’ court Wednesday morning following the arrest of the victim in the case, who had issues in failing to appear for trial.

Mayes is accused of shooting Derrell Bateman at around 2 p.m. Feb. 17, 2020. He is charged with first-degree assault.

Mayes appeared in person in Atkins’ court along with his defense attorney Doug Moore along with Christian County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Bolen, who is prosecuting the case.

Atkins began the hearing by explaining that Bateman had been arrested on a warrant for contempt of court after refusing and failing to appear in court for Mayes’ trial. With that piece of information, Atkins asked where the case was at.

Bolen shared that she had a chance to speak with Bateman and that the case needed to be rescheduled for trial once again.

Atkins agreed to Bolen’s request and scheduled Mayes’ trial to take place on Feb. 28 and Mar. 1.

Mayes’ jury trial has been rescheduled three times due to Bateman refusing to appear despite being subpoenaed to do so.

The most recent postponement of Mayes’ trial was on Sept. 20, on which day Atkins issued a warrant for Bateman for contempt of court for his repeated refusals to be present for Mayes’ trial.

According to archives, Hopkinsville Public Information Officer Mike Atkins had previously said officers who were in the area heard the shots around 2 p.m. and found Bateman at the scene with a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Hopkinsville EMS took Bateman to Jennie Stuart Health where he was flown to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

According to the arrest warrant for Mayes, Bateman identified Mayes as the shooter.

Bolen has described the shooting as a “drive-by shooting” in previous court hearings.

In other court news, the two men accused of manslaughter for their alleged connection to an overdose death of a Crofton woman, Seth Henderson, 19, and Joshua Long, 20, appeared in court along with Christian County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jerad Smith who updated Self on the progress of the case.

Long was the first of the two to appear in court.

The judge was advised that Long had recently graduated from a rehabilitation program and has now entered another rehab program located in Owensboro.

Due to him entering the rehab center in Owensboro, Self discontinued Long’s requirement of weekly drug testing, with no objection from Smith on the matter as long as he is drug tested while at the rehab center.

“I will discontinue the testing at the Community Counseling Center here,” Self said, before asking where the case was in terms of resolution.

Smith advised the court that the case has been making progress, but he needed some additional time to present a final plea offer to both Long and Henderson.

“I’ve had a chance to meet with the victim’s family and I think we’ve made some forward progress,” Smith said. “I told (the defense) that I will be giving them a best and final offer, but I do not have that ready today. It will be forthcoming in the next week.”

Smith then requested that both cases be continued to Dec. 1 for an additional pretrial conference. On which date, Smith’s final offer would have been presented to the defendants and the case would either be ready to resolve or would need to be set for jury trial.

Henderson appeared a short time after Long and was advised of what occurred with Long and that his case was continued to December.

Henderson is charged with second-degree manslaughter while Long is charged with complicity to second-degree manslaughter.

According to New Era archives, the Christian County Sheriff’s Office, who served the indictments on the two men, stated that the indictments are in association with the death of Corbin Bowling, 23, Crofton, who died from a drug overdose in January from narcotics she allegedly purchased from Long and Henderson.

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