The pair of scissors officials planned to use to cut the ribbon in the Christian Health Center's newly-renovated Care & Connect Training Center weren't working as well as they should have been working.

"When I say 'three,' you drop the ribbon," said Jim Patton, vice president and general counsel of Christian Care Communities, to Mary Dudley Seale and Betty Leigh, who assisted Tuesday morning during an official ribbon cutting and dedication for the Christian Health Center's new training facility.

A much smaller pair of scissors were brought in to actually cut the red ribbon used in the ceremony, and current resident Leigh and Seale, a former resident of the Christian Health Center, were instructed by Patton to hold the ribbon together until it was officially "cut" with the larger pair of scissors.

The ceremony ushered in the health center's new iN2L technology for residents and an interactive piece of technology that will allow staff to participate in training sessions across the state, share "best practices" at the local facility with other Kentucky campuses and draw the campuses closer together.

Mary Lynn Spalding, president of Christian Care Communities, noted during the event that what she was most excited about was everyone coming together to enhance the older residents' quality of life.

State funds from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) helped bring the new staff training component to fruition, and Spalding also lauded the contributions of both the First Christian and First United Methodist churches which helped to make the new training center a reality.

The Christian church provided funding as well as people to help with the project, while First United Methodist Church volunteered a lot of people for the project, according to Spalding.

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Additional funding for iN2L (an acronym for It's Never 2 Late) is through a Civil Monetary Penalties fund grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Kentucky Inspector General.

Leigh, 92, sat just a few feet away from where the oversized iN2L screen was displayed just outside the new training center Tuesday and said she absolutely loves the things she is able to do with it.

"It took my story, and my family has read that," she said of capabilities that have allowed her to put together the history of her family. "You can learn how to do anything on YouTube."

Whether crosswords, crocheting or something else, Leigh is at the touch screen just about every day.

She's even communicated with her three daughters utilizing another capability of iN2L, and during the recent ribbon cutting, found a game to play that matched identical pictures on the screen.

Activities Coordinator Christine Long said the games and puzzles are a favorite among residents.

She said the iN2L technology offers a variety of choices for the residents, including applications that focus on music, film, television, health and fitness and activities they may remember from their youth.

One app called Pastimes, a subcategory of the larger reminisce, offers crochet which the women may have enjoyed during their lives as well as dairy farming, something that might have interested the men.

"This brings it back up and allows them to do what they may not be able to enjoy right now but enjoyed in the past," Long said.

She noted that iN2L is being utilized by some 108 to 110 residents at the health center; a smaller handheld tablet is also available for use by bedridden residents or to engage small groups of residents.

Training is being utilized across the local Christian Care Communities campus, and a screen for the staff training sessions is set up in the new training center at the health center.

During Tuesday's event, the Rev. Philip Crofford, chaplain at the health center, said a prayer to consecrate and dedicate the new training center.

"Help us guard this treasure (and) be blessed by it," he said during the prayer.

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