Following the recent news that Hopkinsville Solid Waste Enterprise informed Hopkinsville City Council that HSWE will be terminating the city’s recycling program, the Christian County Chamber of Commerce is requesting feedback on how the program’s termination will affect local businesses and industry.

After HSWE General Manager Tony Sicari shared the news of the recycling program to the council, Hopkinsville Mayor Wendell Lynch reportedly asked South Western Kentucky Economic Development Council Executive Director Carter Hendricks to attend tonight’s city council meeting to offer any feedback or comments from the SWK EDC and existing industries.

Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Taylor Hayes followed suit and is asking Chamber members to also attend the meeting or provide feedback directly to the mayor or HSWE on how the recycling program’s termination will affect them as well.

The program’s termination ultimately means all local recycling efforts and programs, including industrial and agriculture recycling, recycling drop-off locations, as well as residential curbside recycling will be ending effective July 1.

“I realize this could have an impact on your operations,” Hayes said in an email on the matter.

“Many are reaching out to the city to inform them of their initial concerns with the elimination of recycling efforts. In addition, questions about the community’s sustainability efforts are increasingly becoming part of the dialogue when recruiting businesses where this decision could become a factor.

“With this in mind, I am asking you to respond to this email to share your thoughts, comments, and/or concerns about the elimination of the recycling program and its potential impact on your operations. You are welcome to attend the June 21st City Council meeting if you’d like to be present and/or make comments.”

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. tonight at the Hopkinsville Municipal Building in the City Council Chambers.

If you’d like to offer direct feedback to Mayor Lynch, you may email him at or call his office at 270-890-0200.

If you’d like to offer direct feedback to HSWE, you can email or call the business at 270-887-6245.

At the last council meeting on June 7, Sicari informed the council of the news, stating that HSWE had been attempting to break even with the program over the last several years, but has not able to do so.

“Through a lot of discussion and counseling with our board of directors, for the last three months we have tried whatever we can to rescue the recycling program, but it can’t be rescued,” Sicari said at that meeting.

Sicari added that over the last eight years HSWE is $2.6 million in the hole, and as of June, HSWE is $296,000 in the red for this fiscal year.

He also shared that as of Tuesday, just over 700 Hopkinsville residents had signed up for the program while HSWE serves over 11,642 Hopkinsville customers.

“It didn’t even cross a third,” Sicari said.

Sicari added that while the recycling program is being terminated, HSWE will still make use of each of the red recycling bins the company had paid for and distributed out to residents in various ways.

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