The Christian County Fiscal Court met for a regular meeting that went fairly quick Tuesday morning as magistrates voted on a memorandum of agreement with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to replace culverts on three county roads.

Christian County Judge-Executive explained that the agreement is standard practice and is an agreement the county has entered into for several years.

“This is for three box culverts that would be installed on county maintained roads,” Tribble said. “We’ve been doing this for a number of years. It’s a 80-20 program, where we can get up to $80,000 on the cost of these and we do bid those out.”

Tribble added the culverts would be replaced on Hammack Road, Old Edwards Mill Road and Shepherd Road.

Tribble also explained that the work on the culverts cannot begin until the fiscal court allows Tribble to sign the agreement. Once that is signed, it gets sent back to the Transportation Cabinet, where three additional individuals have to sign the agreement before work can begin, Tribble said.

The magistrates ultimately unanimously voted to approve the agreement without any discussion on the matter.

In other business, the fiscal court heard an update from Magistrate Darrell Gustafson on the Hopkinsville-Christian County Airport Board and its possible future plans.

Gustafson advised the court that the airport’s runway overlay project had completed and the board would now be looking to future projects.

“The runway overlay is complete and it looks very very nice,” he said. “It had a crack develop some time ago and that’s been repaired. The total runway has been overlaid and from all the reports I’ve heard it’s very nice.”

Gustafson also shared that the airport board is now designing box hangars to house bigger aircraft than what the airport can currently.

“We are in the process if designing three large box hangars for larger aircraft and I’ll be coming before the industrial board to request a loan to fund the portion of the construction cost of those three hangars,” he said.

“We are getting more and more aircraft at the airport and we wanted to thank and acknowledge fiscal court for their assistance in the large hangars we built last year.”

No other actions were taken during the Fiscal Court meeting Tuesday morning.

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