All information from restaurant inspections is provided by the Christian County Health Department. A minimum score of 85 with no critical violations is considered passing. Restaurants have a chance to increase their scores by correcting critical problems while the inspector is on-site. Inspectors will conduct a follow-up inspection if the score is below 85 or if there is a critical violation.

Ferrell's -- 81; 100 on follow-up

1001 S. Main St.

No bleach or sanitizer available. Handwashing sink leaking into floor. Unapproved pesticide used. Heavy build-up in ice machine. From previous inspection, all items corrected.

Waffle House No. 1571 -- 98

12880 Fort Campbell Blvd., Oak Grove.

Pilot Travel Center No. 439 -- 99 (food and retail)

12900 Fort Campbell Blvd., Oak Grove.

Sonic Drive-In No. 6 -- 97

14625 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Wendy's -- 98

12900 Fort Campbell Blvd., Oak Grove.

Subway -- 93

1024 W. Seventh St.

No sanitizer at three-compartment sink or at sanitizer station in the preparation area.

Circle T Ranch -- 100

16621 Bainbridge Road.

LuLu's Place -- 88; 93 on follow-up

1133 N. Main St.

Wash, rinse, sanitize steps not being followed.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Kentucky New Era will publish briefs from the restaurant inspection reports provided by the area health departments.

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