Residents of Fairview are invited to attend an upcoming meeting to learn about the possibility of a merger between the Fairview and Pembroke volunteer fire departments.

Christian County Magistrate Phillip Peterson said the meeting is at 7 tonight at the Fairview Volunteer Fire Department just across from Jefferson Davis Monument on Old Highway 68.

The meeting is being hosted by the Fairview fire department, with members of the Pembroke department providing information about a possible merger with Fairview.

Peterson said members of the Fairview department approached Pembroke about a merger, and the Pembroke department looked into the matter. Officials want to get information to the Fairview community, he said.

"They will be asking how they feel," Peterson said. "Do they want the merger, or do they not (want the merger)?"

He said it will be up to Fairview to decide whether to merge with Pembroke once all the information has been presented.

Peterson said the departments want residents who are served by the Fairview fire district to attend the meeting.

He said this discussion of a merger is being broached as a solution to internal administrative issues with which the Fairview department has been struggling in recent months.

"This is an option for them if they want to go that route," he said.

Peterson said the two fire departments' buildings are separated by only about six miles in the nearby communities.

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For more information about the meeting, call the Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department at 270-475-4144 or the Fairview Volunteer Fire Department at 270-887-8775.

The ongoing issues first surfaced in the Fairview department late last year and have included resignations, the termination of the department's chief and the disbanding and re-organization of its board.

In the midst of the struggles, the department has continued to serve its community, with Christian County Emergency Management Director Randy Graham noting that automatic mutual aid from neighboring fire departments is being provided while the department works to resolve the ongoing issues.


What: Pembroke, Fairview fire departments merger meeting

When: 7 tonight

Where: Fairview Volunteer Fire Department

Info: Fairview community invited to discuss merger with Pembroke Volunteer Fire Department.

Reach Tonya S. Grace at 270-887-3240 or

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