With The United Service Organizations Inc. Fort Campbell and Nashville being the biggest USO in the nation, the organization often hosts donation drives in Nashville to keep up with the need for the snacks and drinks it offers for free.

For the first time, USO Fort Campbell will be hosting a snack donation drive in the area of Fort Campbell.

The drive will be Saturday, Oct. 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Gordon Food Services located at 2809 Wilma Rudolph Blvd in Clarksville.

"We don't normally host snack drives in the Fort Campbell area," Kari Moore, center director of USO Nashville and Fort Campbell, said. "We normally keep them in the Nashville area, because we don't ever want it to look like we're asking the military to support our service back to them."

Moore continued to explain that the local USO has high foot traffic, with 15,000-17,000 guests coming into the building per month. Every time a guest enters the building they can get a free snack and beverage.

The USO Fort Campbell center welcomed 105,236 guests into the building between January and September this year, a press release from USO added.

Moore also said that the USO does a lot of its shopping at Gordon Food Services, who just began implementing a 10% discount for military members. The Clarksville store is the first to do so and is acting as a pilot for the discount.

With all of that in mind, Moore and the Fort Campbell USO thought now would be the best time to host a drive with GFS in the Fort Campbell area.

"We're excited to host this event for the USO right now because we are piloting a new 10% discount for military families," Nathan Rees, store manager at the Clarksville GFS shared in a press release. "We're hoping to bring awareness to the new savings opportunity while also helping the mission of the USO."

The USO is asking for any individually wrapped snacks. Some examples include granola bars, trail mix, Slim Jims, bags of chips, string cheese, yogurt, etc. The USO will also accept bottled water and other beverages.

However, the USO is asking that people not donate food that need to be cooked. For example, canned foods, vegetables, produce, etc.

Customers shopping that day at GFS will also receive a handout with needed supplies and snacks.

Moore is hoping that people will come out and support the USO and appreciates any help the USO receives to keep up with the demand the local USO sees.

"Something that could get us through a day would be a successful day," Moore said. "If we get 600 snacks, that would be a wonderful day for us too, but we don't have one single goal. Just to bring people in and see people invest in the mission and show people that your $20 can do a lot (is our goal)."

If you'd like to donate supplies, but aren't able to make the donation event on Saturday, call or email Kari Moore at 270-660-9068 or kmoore@uso.org to make arrangements for a later donation.

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