Freedom Flag Descripiton

In the remembrance of the tragedy that happened on 9/11, Pembroke Elementary will have a ceremony and participate in the flag rising “Call to Action” on Friday, Sept. 10.

The elementary will receive a 9/11 Freedom Flag from the Freedom Flag Foundation, to be flown annually on the Patriot Day below the US Flag through the month of September.

The 3x5-foot will be displayed right out front of Pembroke Elementary.

Inside the school library, there will parts of steel artifacts for the 92-95 floor of Tower 1, a 2x3-foot flag with a Children’s book on display titled: Unfurling the Freedom Flag — A 9/11 Story written by Tara Krohn.

“Our mission was to have a flag in every state of the U.S., and we accomplished that, but having Pembroke Elementary join in memory, bring tears to my eyes,” local Freedom Flag Foundation Ambassador Jane McKnight said. “Pembroke will be the only school in the state of Kentucky that will have a piece of history at their school. For them to pay tribute on the 20th anniversary is truly special and exhilarating.”

On Sept. 11, 2001, 19 militants affiliated with Islamic extremists hijacked four airplanes and carried out suicide attacks against the U.S.

Two airplanes were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. At the Pentagon right outside Washington, D.C., a third plane intentionally crashed, and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Penn.

On that day, in total almost 3,000 people with over 85 citizens from foreign nations were sadly assassinated in New York City, at the Pentagon near D.C., and the flight 93 who landed in Pennsylvania.

Since the tragedy, more than 70 million children have been born in the U.S. Meaning in percentage terms over 20% of the population have no living memory of one of the saddest days known in America.

Pembroke’s sixth grade class with be in attendance at the ceremony alongside several others of the community including representatives of the school, the city, Myron Dosset, Walker Thomas and the Oak Grove and Pembroke fire departments.

During the ceremony, 101st Airborne Brass Band will be in attendance playing the National Anthem.

“We are praying for good weather on Friday,” McKnight said. “It there’s any chance of rain, the ceremony will take place in Pembroke’s gymnasium.”

McKnight added that 20 years later, we honor the lives of the fallen, the children and families that were victims of this tragedy, and the all the heroes who risked their lives saving people during a time of crisis.

The catastrophic event that occurred that in 2001, will never be forgotten. We will continue to honor and remember of the ones who have perished.

“Through this call to action, Pembroke and Freedom Flag Foundation share a commitment to uphold America’s promise to ‘Never Forget’ using the symbolism of the Freedom Flag,” McKnight said. “Pembroke Elementary is honored to participate in the ‘National Freedom Flag Raising Call to Action.’ ”

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