During the Oak Grove city council meeting on Tuesday night, a couple of citizens of Oak Grove spoke adamantly about how the dozens of American flags were no longer displayed on Rt. 41-A.

Mayor Theresa Jarvis acknowledged the sentiment and apologized, saying that the flags would be moved to a new location and used in a special ceremony this Saturday at the community center.

“We are excited about this Saturday.” Jarvis said. “Councilwoman Janet Edwards went through great lengths to get this going. I’m sorry the flags won’t be on Rt. 41-A. We have another location for them — the community center. We’re going to do the flags, they’ll just be in a different location.”

On Saturday, September 11, 2021, the city of Oak Grove, Oak Grove Tourism and the Oak Grove Community Center, will be hosting a 9/11 Memorial at 8:30 am at the Oak Grove Community Center.

The 700 American flags will be on display in front of the community center along Highway 911.

Each flag represents a life from Fort Campbell that was lost in the ensuing war since Sept. 11, 2001.

Oak Grove invites the community to join and come together to pay respect and honor the police and fire departments and the hundreds of servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives since the tragedy 20 years ago.

Edwards mentioned on September 9, 2021 volunteers of the community will help ground all 700 Flags at the Community Center in Oak Grove.

“This won’t be a quick process,” Edwards said. “It will take about 10 hours to get all the flags up. We greatly appreciate all the help we have.”

The location of the event will be at 1705 Thompsonville Ln, Oak Grove, KY 42262 Oak Grove welcomes everyone out to pay tribute to the tragedy that happened 20 years ago.

Also at the meeting on Tuesday, the Council decided not to vote for next council member during the night’s meeting.

Councilman Mark Gilbert suggested to the members the next meeting would be best to make a decision on who’s to be selected to fill the open seat on the council.

Each council member agreed with the suggestion and voted that submission for the available chair officially closed the night during the meeting.

The members briefly discussed who they were considering, but not in much detail, due to one of the candidates being in attendance at the council meeting

Jarvis also acknowledged and congratulated Melyssa Lynch and councilman Isaiah Spencer for being appointed to the local Human Rights Commission.

“I know you two will do a wonderful job and serve well, thank you both for accepting the position.” Said Jarvis

Spencer thanked her and quickly reminded the board about the Unity Breakfast HRC will be hosted at the Bruce Convention Center on October 28, 2021.

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