One of the suspects charged with engaging in organized crime for his alleged involvement in the “Face Shot Gang,” also known as “FSG,” had his motion for the reduction of his bond taken under advisement Wednesday morning in Christian Circuit Judge John Atkins’ court.

Jacquan Redd, who recently turned 18 years old after being arrested for engaging in organized crime, appeared in Atkins’ court via Zoom while at the Christian County Jail along with his defense attorney Michael Thompson, who appeared in person to argue the bond motion.

Thompson requested that Redd’s bond be lowered to 10% of $20,000, in other words, $2,000 in cash, based on his young age as well as some of his codefendants in the case having already received lowered bonds. His bond is currently set at $50,000 in cash.

Thompson also requested that he be allowed to be released on ankle monitor with strict conditions.

Christian County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Boling argued against reducing Redd’s bond and shared that some of his codefendants’ bonds are set at $20,000 in cash, not at 10%.

“Several of the codefendants are on $20,000 cash and the only ones that were reduced and released were done by pretrial officers outside of Christian County and those were inadvertently reduced,” Boling said.

Boling continued to argue that while he has not had an opportunity to access Redd’s juvenile criminal record, he believed that he had been previously charged with a gun-related offense.

Thompson also interjected that Redd’s charges are based on his older brother, Jacquez Redd, 21, being the alleged leader of “FSG.”

“One of the allegations that came out previously before it got to this court is that his older brother is the leader of this gang and that’s the kind of environment he’s grown up in,” Thompson said. “That’s why we’re asking the court to give him a bond, put him on an ankle monitor and let him prove that he can move beyond his family’s influence.”

Boling rebutted that Redd has had chances to prove that, but has failed to do so.

“He’s had that opportunity,” he said. “He’s been through (the Department of Juvenile Justice). He’s failed to do it repeatedly.”

However, Boling requested that if the judge felt that reducing the bond was appropriate, to only reduce the bond to $20,000 in full cash and no lower.

Ultimately, Atkins chose to take the bond motion under advisement for one week as he wanted to allow Boling to access Redd’s juvenile criminal history and provide it to the court as well as Thompson, before the judge gives his decision.

Jacquan Redd is one of several young men charged with engaging in organized crime for their alleged involvement in the “Face Shot Gang.”

According to New Era archives, Isaiah Henderson, 20, Jayden Weaver, 18, Antoniyon Cayce, 19, Emonie Evans, 18 and Jacquez Redd, 21, were all also arrested for their alleged involvement in the local gang.

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