Hopkinsville City Council renamed a section of West First Street to Phillip Meacham Way in honor of the late Hopkinsville police officer during Tuesday’s meeting.

Meacham was shot and killed March 29, 2018, while assisting another officer investigating a potential police impersonator.

A family member requested the section running west from the intersection of North Main and East First streets to Riverfront Drive be renamed to remember the late officer. It was approved unanimously by the council.

This decision followed officers Jaclyn Kliest and Jerimiah Kline being sworn-in earlier in Tuesday’s meeting.

The council also approved another road name change and closed some streets. Pavilion Drive will now be named Pavilion Road.

The alleys between East First and South Campbell streets and South Cleveland Avenue and South Elm Street will be closed, after both were approved unanimously.

Mayor Wendell Lynch also expounded on why he vetoed the council’s 6-5 vote that would have approved nonpartisan elections for Hopkinsville.

Lynch showed an image stating that the July 7 meeting had over 5,000 Facebook viewers and 641 Facebook comments, shattering their typical averages of 516 views and 11 comments.

The graphic states that of the 300 comments that passed through Facebook’s filters, 50.3% were opposed to non-partisan elections for the city council, 4.3% were in favor and 45.3% were neutral.

The last order of business was the approval of the Harm Reduction Syringe Service Program that had been recently approved by Christian Fiscal Court.

After little discussion, it was approved unanimously.

The agenda went according to plan outside of the Annual Audit Report, as it was removed because the council members were not able to receive the information packet in ample time prior to the meeting.

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Renaming the street for Officer Meacham is a nice tribute to his life. He was a good man, and a great police officer.

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