Over the weekend, on June 18, a brunch and pinning ceremony was held at the Alhambra Theatre for the non-profit sisterhood organization Lipstick After Dark LLC.

Lipstick After Dark Girls Mentoring program was founded by Hopkinsville native and licensed social worker Tangela Babb in 2019. The teen mentorship serves as a safe space for the youth to be themselves while also learning tools toward transitioning from being a young lady to becoming a woman.

The organization’s vision: is to empower girls and young women with the confidence to understand self-worth, overcome obstacles and barriers that they encounter in their everyday lives. This program will tap into fears, thoughts, feelings and emotions when there is no supervision.

Hopkinsville native, Tangela Babb who is the Founder of the transformative organization pinned each teen inside the Theatre on stage. While at the brunch and on the stage, Babb highlighted the pleasure of mentoring every teen inside the program and how proud she is of seeing each personality bloom.

Before each girl was pinned, a powerful affirmation was spoken for the audience to hear and for each sister of the tribe to embody as each word was personified.

“I am a black girl. I am beautiful. I am confident. I am a leader: not a follower. I have a voice and will not use it to gossip or disrespect other people. I am a black girl. I strive for excellence in everything I do. I value myself and I move with class and dignity. I encourage and empower others around me. I am love.”

The organization aims to empower the youth with the tools to navigate life’s trials, challenges, and triumphs as they transition from girls to women. The group meets every second and fourth Saturday at the Aaron McNeil House, free of charge.

This August, there will be open enrollment for additional teens to join the sisterhood. Those interested in joining may contact the Founder of L.A.D Tangela Babb via email at: Lipstickafterdarkllc@gmail.com as well on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/lipstickafterdarkllc/posts/ and Instagram under the handle: l.a.d_girlsmentoringky

For more information on the organization visit the online website: https://lipstickafterdarkgirlsmentoring.org/

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