High-level command being reactivated at Fort Knox

A senior-level U.S. Army command that has a 100-year history will be reactivated at a ceremony this week at Fort Knox.

The V Corps haven’t been in an active status since 2013 in Wiesbaden, Germany. The command of about 600 soldiers will be one of four Army corps headquarters, and its mission will be centered on supporting U.S. interests in Europe, according to a release from Fort Knox. A portion of the command will be at a forward post in Poland.

Gen. James McConville, chief of staff of the Army, said the reactivation “will enhance U.S. Army Europe and U.S. European Command as they work alongside allies and partners to promote regional stability and security.”

A ceremony for will be held for the command at Fort Knox on Friday.

Braidy Industries changes name to Unity Aluminum

An aluminum company planning to build a massive mill in Appalachia has changed its name from Braidy Industries to Unity Aluminum.

A release from the company Thursday said the new name “signifies the company’s steadfast commitment to its customers, innovative technologies and local community in Ashland, Kentucky.”

Company leaders said Unity is in a position to help fill the nation’s shortage of domestic aluminum and aging facilities.

The name change “sets the stage to finalize fundraising and begin construction,” the company said.

The company underwent a management shakeup this year when Braidy Industries founder Craig Bouchard was removed as CEO. The company said it was displeased with financing and had other concerns about his performance.

Kentucky taxpayers have a direct stake in Braidy’s plans to build the $1.7 billion aluminum rolling mill near Ashland. Former Gov. Matt Bevin persuaded Kentucky lawmakers to approve a $15 million state investment in the project.

Escaped Kentucky inmate captured in southern Indiana

An inmate who escaped from a Kentucky jail last month by climbing through a hole in a jail window has been captured in southern Indiana, authorities said.

Anthony Martinez, 30, was caught Tuesday in a wooded area near Hanover, Madison police said. When he was located, he fled from authorities but was later shot with a stun gun and captured near a church. He’s now in the custody of the U.S. Marshals.

State and federal investigators from Indiana came close to catching Martinez on Oct. 8 in nearby Scott County, but he fled on foot into an area of thick brush and they lost him.

Martinez, who was arrested in February on robbery charges involving multiple banks, escaped Sept. 29 from the Louisville Metro Corrections after apparently climbing through a hole in a fourth-floor window and then using a hose draped along the building to lower himself to the ground.

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