The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that one of their deputies was charged and arrested in connection to a complaint submitted to the department, according to a MCSO press release.

The release states, MCSO received a complaint on Sept. 6 regarding a traffic stop conducted by Deputy William Baker on Sept. 5 at around 8:40 p.m.

After the department reviewed the complaint and traffic stop and discovered that Baker allegedly did not follow his training or policy during the traffic stop. The sheriff’s office also believes that Baker violated the law, the release added.

Following the complaint, Baker was placed on administrative leave on Sept. 10.

Shortly after, on Sept. 13, the findings of the incident were presented to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, who concurred with the findings and recommended that the case be presented to the Grand Jury.

The case was then presented to the Grand Jury on Tuesday, who ultimately issued a sealed indictment against Baker the following day on Wednesday.

Baker was then taken into custody Thursday and charged with official misconduct, official oppression and aggravated perjury, the release stated. Baker’s bond was set at $20,000.

While Baker was arrested and charged, no additional information regarding his conduct during the traffic stop was released.

“It is our duty and responsibility to enforce the law,” Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson said in the release regarding Baker’s arrest.

“We give our employees the training they need and have policies in place to help guide them as they work to keep our public safe, and enforce our laws. It is unfortunate that Baker chose not to follow his training or our policy or the law during this traffic stop.”

Baker began working for the Sheriff’s Office in July 2017 in the Detention Services Bureau as a jail deputy. Baker was later transferred to the Uniformed Patrols Bureau as a patrol deputy, the release said.

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