Christian Fiscal Court has established two commercial incentive districts in the community following decisions by one local business and an industry to expand their offerings.

Magistrates approved the separate resolutions establishing the districts during their regular court meeting on Tuesday morning at the Christian County Courthouse downtown.

"Basically, he's asking for some assistance," Christian County Judge-Executive Steve Tribble told the court," explaining the appearance of Wilson Sisk of Sisk Auto Mall at the meeting.

Sisk's company is building a new Honda facility, which will be known as Sisk Honda, at Eagle Way bypass and Fort Campbell Boulevard, and the judge-executive noted that the incentive district authorizes a property tax rebate of 90% from the project during the next 12 years.

That figure is based on the amount of the investment and the county's guidelines, he said.

According to the resolution, the district authorizes and directs the retention of 90% of any increase in ad valorem taxes due and payable to the county on real property developed by Overhold Properties LLC in the district for 12 years. Overhold, a local property management service, is building the new 22,000 square-foot facility that is expected to create 17 new jobs.

The 12-year period began with the approval of the resolution on Tuesday.

The resolution also noted that the tax rebate is to begin upon written notification from Overhold Properties of final plat approval for each phase developed within the district.

Overhold Properties estimated an investment of at least $3.5 million in the development of the Sisk Honda dealership, according to information included in that resolution.

The second resolution concerns an addition for Denso Air Systems, a local automotive manufacturer that is leasing its facilities from the Hopkinsville Industrial Foundation.

Denso is located on Frank Yost Lane in Commerce Park.

The related resolution establishes a commercial incentive district, i.e., the Denso project, which authorizes and directs the retention of 70% of any increase in ad valorem taxes due to the county on real property developed by the foundation in the district for a 10-year period.

That 10-year period also began with the signing of Tuesday's resolution.

The industrial foundation estimates an investment of at least $1.7 million in the Denso project, which Christian County Magistrate Darrell Gustafson said should add 80 employees to the manufacturing company.

Gustafson, who has been involved with the industrial foundation for almost three decades, noted that Denso is No. 2 in the world in terms of automotive components.

The magistrate noted that the company makes piping that hooks up to the air conditioners in vehicles and runs from the front to the condensers in the back of the automobiles.

Officials during Tuesday's meeting also heard from fellow Christian County Magistrate Rich Liebe, who said he'd been notified by local residents John and Jeri Lynn Richardson who live in the South Main Street area near an abandoned home.

The house has attracted homeless people who have taken up residence there, Liebe said.

He noted that the Richardsons have been frustrated with things going on at the abandoned home, and Liebe said he has since been able to coordinate conversations between Jeri Lynn Richardson's attorney and City Attorney Doug Willen to address the matter.

In a separate matter, Liebe also said someone is dumping trash on the sidewalk at South Main Street and Thornton Court, and he said it has been a "recurring thing" despite a sign prohibiting trash dumping at the site.

"These kinds of situations that are popping up, it concerns me," Liebe said," adding that people need to be mindful of what they're doing since it is illegal.

"There could be ramifications for you," he said.

In other business

• The court approved a $769,618.39 pay request for the Christian County Sheriff's Department and a change order that credited the county $5,000 from the construction project.

• The court approved the appointment of Sara Shepherd to the Hopkinsville-Christian County Convention and Visitors Bureau for a term that starts now and ends on June 30, 2021.

• Christian County Clerk Mike Kem announced that absentee voting has started, and he said folks who are disabled may vote now in the May primary. Election Day is May 21.

• Magistrates accepted a salt bid of $101.20 per ton from Compass Minerals America Inc., of Overland Park, Kansas.

• The court approved a measure to renew its health insurance with Higgins Insurance for the 2019-20 fiscal year despite the Anthem insurance company's recommendation that the county increase its contribution to the fund by 16.2%. Mack Major of Higgins Insurance said the county has been a good steward of funds and has more than $500,000 in its health balance, leaving the health insurance committee to recommend an increase in the county's contribution of only 10%. The committee also recommended no change in benefit plans for the county and said the county should maintain its current employee contributions, according to Major.

• Magistrates approved subject to audit financial and budget reports presented by Christian County Treasurer Walter G. Cummings for the first 10 months of the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The financial report revealed a checking balance for the county's general fund of $8.5 million and an investments balance of $3.9 million for the fund as of April 30, for a total of $12.5 million.

• Christian County Attorney John Soyars announced the hiring of Jill Atkins as assistant county attorney beginning Thursday at a salary of $28,271.44. He said Atkins, whose position is funded through a grant, will be assigned as the domestic violence prosecutor.

• The court accepted a third-quarter report from Christian County Jailer Brad Boyd.

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