The Oak Grove Tourism Commission recently bought a piece of land to develop new attractions to bring more people into the city.

At the commission's last meeting Sept. 10, the commission made a decision to purchase a five-acre lot from Pennyrile Electric. The lot is across from the War Memorial Walking Trail on Walter Garrett Lane, adjacent to the tourism commission office.

Traci Cunningham, executive director of the Oak Grove Tourism, shared that Pennyrile Electric approached Oak Grove Mayor Theresa Jarvis as they were wanting to sell the lot and wanted to give Oak Grove the first opportunity to buy and utilize the land.

Cunningham continued to share that Jarvis approached Cunningham and the commission to let them know that the land was available.

"(Jarvis) just thought that it would be a good opportunity for tourism because it's right across from the trail and we wanted to make sure it stayed within the city," Cunningham said.

After successfully buying the land roughly a week ago, Cunningham met with her staff for a brief meeting to discuss ideas of what the commission should use the land for.

"We haven't made any decisions on any one idea just yet," Cunningham said.

"My goal is to not only bring something new that can be enjoyed by the community, but something that is unique and can really make our city stand out as one of the top tourist destinations in the state."

The commission bought the lot from Pennyrile Electric for $200,000 and was purchased through tourism's reserve funds.

While tourism isn't sure what they will be doing with the land, Cunningham is excited about the prospect of bringing some sort of new attraction to Oak Grove to help stimulate growth of the city.

"It's going to be a lot of fun but really crazy," Cunningham said. "I think that this is something that's very positive for the city so I'm really looking forward to it and I'm excited about it."

The tourism commission will be meeting next week and will likely be spending a large amount of time discussing what the commission wants to do with the newly acquired land.

"I just hope that it will be the beginning of a trend where more and more attractions come to Oak Grove," Cunningham said. "The more attractions to draw people in, the better.

"I'm excited and with Churchill (Oak Grove Racing, Gaming and Hotel) coming here and getting up really quick, I think Oak Grove is really going to be a hotspot."

Oak Grove Tourism Commission's regular meeting for October is scheduled for at noon Tuesday.

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