A 28-year-old man took an Alford plea Wednesday afternoon in Judge Andrew Self’s courtroom and was released on ankle monitor with strict rules pending his final sentencing.

Stevie L. Bacon was charged with first-degree assault for allegedly shooting Greg White, 30, in the leg after a fight outside of a local night club in May 2017.

Part of Bacon’s Alford plea agreement allowed his first-degree assault charge to be amended down to assault under extreme emotional disturbance charge.

Bacon’s defense attorney asked Judge Self for Bacon’s release with ankle monitor prior to his final sentencing.

The commonwealth opposed Bacon’s release as they felt Bacon was a flight risk and a danger to others, considering he shot another person to get his original first-degree assault charge. The commonwealth also expressed their concern with his release as he committed the same offense during parole for a separate prior offense.

Despite their concerns, Judge Self granted Bacon’s release on an ankle monitor but will have very strict rules to follow. Bacon can only be at his home, his work, church and go to his parole office as well as the usual probation and parole rules, such as no use or possession of controlled substances including alcohol and no possession of firearms.

In other court news:

  • Co-defendants Kayla Newton, 22, and David Rang, 20, who are both charged with first-degree assault, with Newton having an additional charge of first-degree criminal abuse, had their case continued once again.
    They are both accused of assaulting and abusing Rang’s daughter, who was four months old at the time.
    Their case was continued to another pretrial conference scheduled for Nov. 7.
  • Laparkah K. Thomas, who is charged with first-degree robbery, had a jury trial scheduled for April 11 at 8:30 a.m. in Judge Self’s courtroom. His last pretrial conference is scheduled for April 3.
  • Demisha Wilford had her case continued to another pretrial conference scheduled for Dec. 5.
    Wilford is charged with first-degree assault. She is accused of stabbing Duane Morehead in the side of his chest after they had a fight in early June this year. During the altercation, Wilford also reportedly sustained injuries.

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