By New Era Staff

A Hopkinsville man was arrested at 10:30 p.m. Monday at an apartment on North Main Street for allegedly assaulting police officers with a cable, according to a Hopkinsville Police Department report.

The report states police were dispatched to an apartment at the 100 block of North Main Street to serve a mental health warrant on an individual.

Upon the officers’ arrival, police met with a different man, later identified as Brandon Smith, 36, Hopkinsville.

Officers knocked on an apartment door looking for the other individual when Smith reportedly cracked the door open before he shut and locked the door after seeing the police, the report said.

Officers believed Smith to be the individual police were looking for and continued to ask the man to open the door. Smith allegedly told police that he was not going to open the door and stated “I don’t have to tell you who I am.”

The key holder to the apartments then arrived and attempted to unlock the door when Smith opened the door and had something raised in the air ready to swing at officers, according to the report.

Officers backed away from the door and Smith reportedly shut and locked the door once more. Smith then yelled to the police, “I don’t know a Chambers.” Police asked Smith to come out and identify himself, to which Smith replied that he did not have to, the report stated.

Officers then opened the door when Smith began hitting officers with a metal cable, striking one officer twice in the arm and once on another officer’s


Smith had to be tazed and was handcuffed by officers, according to the report. After being arrested, Smith identified himself and was taken to Jennie Stuart Health to be evaluated for injuries.

Smith was medically cleared and transported to the Christian County Jail.

Smith is charged with two counts of third-degree assault of an officer.

The following information was obtained through police, police reports or the Christian County Jail. Readers are reminded that a charge is only an accusation and everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law

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