Devon M. Williamson

Devon M. Williamson

A man was arrested for active warrants and became violent to officers Thursday afternoon on Younglove Street, according to a Hopkinsville police report.

Officers were called for a disturbance on Younglove Street when they met with an upset Devon Williamson, 23, the report stated.

Another officer arrived shortly after and reportedly recognized Williamson and knew Williamson had active warrants for his arrest. Officers reportedly arrested Williamson who attempted to pull away and demanded to be let go.

Williamson was then allegedly pushed against the car in order for officers to keep him under control, during which he continued to yell. Officers warned him that he would be brought to the ground if he continued to resist, the report added.

Williamson was then reportedly taken to a transport car when he told officer that he was not going anywhere and that they would have to taze him. Williamson continued to resist, allegedly swinging his elbow and hitting an officer in the mouth. The report states he had to be taken to the ground.

It continued, saying Williamson had to be restrained by multiple officers in order to put him into a patrol car. Williamson allegedly continued to be resistant and violent after being taken to the jail.

He was charged with resisting arrest, third-degree assault of an officer, third-degree criminal mischief and second-degree disorderly conduct, according to the report.

In other reports:

  • Robert Blane reported that someone stole a check from his check book between July 26 and Monday from his home on Rose Drive, according to an HPD report.
  • Marneshia R. Bailey, 26, Hopkinsville, was arrested Thursday evening on West Seventh Street and was charged with second-degree escape, according to an HPD report.
  • Teondria Z. Price, 24, Hopkinsville, was arrested Thursday night on East Second Street and was charged with second-degree burglary and fourth-degree assault, according to an HPD report.
  • Holly M. McClure, 38, Elkton, was arrested after a traffic stop Thursday night on Greenville Road in Elkton, according to a Todd County Sheriff’s report. She was charged with first-degree possession of a methamphetamine, possession of an open alcoholic beverage container in a vehicle and carrying a concealed weapon, according to the report.
The following information was obtained through police, police reports or the Christian County Jail. Readers are reminded that a charge is only an accusation and everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law

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