All information from restaurant inspections is provided by the Christian County Health Department. A minimum score of 85 with no critical violations is considered passing. Restaurants have a chance to increase their scores by correcting critical problems while the inspector is on-site. Inspectors will conduct a follow-up inspection if the score is below 85 or if there is a critical violation.

Hampton Meats — 100

Highway 41 South

ELC House of Many Gifts — 98

1204 Walnut St.

Piggly Wiggly — 97 (retail), 96 (food)

128 N. Main St.

No floor drain for drink machine.

Jasmine Buffett — 98

201 Clinic Drive

Get stand up or hanging thermometers, not probe thermometers, for coolers.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse — 85

2620 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Chicken out of temperature. All repeat violations need to be corrected by the next routine inspection.

Captain D’s No. 3317 — 79; 87 on immediate follow-up

2939 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Food in cooler not properly date/time marked; corrected immediately. No sanitizer available for three-compartment sink. Sanitizer low on wiping cloth buckets; corrected immediately.

14th Street Restaurant — 92

700 E. 14th St.

Heather’s Homemade Ice Cream — 100

2118 S. Virginia St.

Country Boy BBQ Smoker — 100

2995 Long Pond Road, Pembroke.

Walmart No. 5059 — 100 (food and retail)

3106 Canton St.

Marathon Fuel Mart — 89 (food service), 100 (retail, food)

15204 Fort Campbell Blvd., Oak Grove.

Chicken livers and eggs out of temperature in small cooler at 50 degrees F.

James E. Bruce Convention Center — 96

303 Conference Lane

Bolts in ice machine are rusty and need to be replaced.

Stockyards Lunch Room — 99

3595 Cadiz Road

Senor Lopez — 98

125 Turtle Creek Drive

Pancho Villa Grill Cantina Inc. — 96

16268 Fort Campbell Blvd., Oak Grove.

Main Street Tavern — 95

801 S. Main St.

Rutland’s Bar B Que — 99

700 Dupuy St.

Hucks Food and Fuel — 87 (food service), 93 (retail, food)

104 N. Madisonville St.

Tie Breaker Ball Park — 100

9501 Eagle Way

The Snack Attack — 99

Eagle Way

Livingston’s Meats — 99 (food and retail)

8485 Greenville Road

Chicago Gyros — 96

101 Segler Drive

Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park pro shop — 100

20781 Pennyrile Lodge Road, Dawson Springs.

Max Fuel Express No. 2 — 96 (food), 90 (retail); 100 when corrected immediately

Expired medication found on shelf. Corrected immediately; items were removed from shelf.

Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant — 94 on regular inspection; 98 on follow-up

3319-A Canton St.

Cheese being stored with raw hamburger patties. Storing pork (hot dogs) with ground beef.

Chick-Fil-A of Hopkinsville — 99

4250 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Food Lion — 100 (food), 99 (retail)

4425 Canton Pike

Coffman Value Plus — 98 (food), 97 (retail)

1730 Greenville Road

Benevolent and Protective Order of Eagles No. 545 — 98

203 S. Main St.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 1913 — 100

1601 VFW Lane

Legends Restaurant — 90; 95 on immediate follow-up

2910 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Fried chicken found at 63 degrees F. Corrected immediately; chicken discarded.

Burkholder Auctions — 100

1155 Vaughns Grove Fairview Road, Pembroke.

Amanda’s Cupcake Café — 99

1010 S. Main St.

Papa John’s Pizza — 100

2415 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Hopkinsville Golf and Country Club — 100

303 Country Club Lane

Grace Episcopal Church — 100

216 E. Sixth St.

Second Baptist Church activity center — 96

720 W. Seventh St.

No sanitizer in dishwasher; not pumping.

The Wood Shed Bar-B-Q and Restaurant — 95

1821 W. Seventh St.

Big Fellaz Diner — 95

314 E. Ninth St.

Make sure all food and single service items are stored 6 inches above floor.

Rally’s Hamburgers — 95

7971 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Pilot Travel Center No. 19 — 93 (food and retail)

8190 Pembroke Oak Grove Road

Subway — 100

515 Heritage Way

KFC — 94

3000 Fort Campbell Blvd.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Kentucky New Era will publish briefs from the restaurant inspection reports provided by the area health departments.

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