All information from restaurant inspections is provided by the Christian County Health Department. A minimum score of 85 with no critical violations is considered passing. Restaurants have a chance to increase their scores by correcting critical problems while the inspector is on site. Inspectors will conduct a follow-up inspection if the score is below 85, or if there is critical violation.

Fly Chicken Fly — 86

2915 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Scored 86 out of 100 during a regular inspection and complaint.

A complaint was placed for grease being dumped in a field behind the restaurant. Grease was cleaned up and the owners/employees were advised to properly dispose of waste products.

A critical violation included the items in the coolers not being properly date marked and potentially hazardous foods at room temperature and not marked for temp.

Roundie’s Rock Café — 99

115 E. First St.

Scored 94 out of 100 during a regular inspection  and an 99 out of 100 during an immediate follow-up inspection.

Buffalo Wild Wings — 98

2916 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Circle K No. 3348 — 98 (food),100 (retail)

732 N. Main St.

Scored 94 out of 100 (food) and 96 out of 100 (retail) during  a regular inspection. Scored 98 out of 100 (food) and 100 out of 100 (retail) during a follow-up inspection.

Daigre Farms — 100

1531 E. Seventh Street

Zaxby’s — 93

4002 Fort Campbell Blvd.

Scored 93 out of 100 during a follow-up inspection.

Plow Point Restaurant — 98

11980 Greenville Road

Holiday Burgers — 99

3806 Lafayette Road

Max Fuel Express No. 19 — 96 (food), 98 (retail)

1500 Glass Ave.

Duo’s BBQ and Grill — 98

503 Mclean Ave.

Knockum Hill Bar-B-Que — 98

11125 Lafayette Road

Cazadores — 100

228 Segler Drive

EDITOR’S NOTE- The New Era will publish briefs from the restaurant inspection reports provided by the area health departments each Tuesday. To report a restaurant complaint in Christian County, call 270-887-4160.

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