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'Street Food' showcases tasty food, fantastic storytelling

Photo taken from Netflix.

Star rating: 4.5/5

This week I chose to watch the Netflix docuseries, “Street Food.”

“Street Food” is a show that features one region of the world and showcases some of their most famous street foods while also telling the story of someone who either pioneered that street food or has a fairly successful street food stall.

So far Netflix only has one season of Street Food and it began with Asia. To be quite honest, I may a little partial to the first season since my favorite kind of food is Asian. However, what really shines in this series is the storytelling.

The series first season, or volume as they call it, has nine episodes and each features a different city in a different country within Asia.

Each episode features three street stalls or vendors that focus on particular kind of street food, however, the episode largely focuses on one of those three people and their story and how they came to have their stall.

Those stories are often inspiring, emotional and simply compelling. Many of them feature people who were poor and struggling and found a way to connect with people through food and through long term hardships, end up finding success and love for what they cook.

Being that this series presents itself as a food show, which are all in some way very similar, has a fresh and much more compelling angle to telling stories through food. There are an endless amount of shows about food and where it came from, how its made, blah blah blah. That’s all nice and mouth watering but isn’t all that, again, compelling.

“Street Food” takes the love of food, shows how it came about, how it’s made and tells an emotionally charged and inspiring story of someone who makes that food every day for a living.

On top of that, “Street Food” also has artistic and well crafted shots used throughout the show as compared to every food show just simply showing someone cooking or sitting down and talking to a camera.

Instead, the series uses a variety of different, aesthetically pleasing angles for shots, uses some satisfying slow motion while cooking or laughing and, probably my favorite, will feature the person the episode is featuring standing and laughing in semi-slow motion while sounds of market chatter are playing in normal speed in the background, uninterrupted by typical instrumental music you almost always hear in cooking or food shows.

As you might guess, being that the series focuses on a region with different cities and countries in each episode, the series also reveals part of that country’s culture, especially around food. Personally though, I must admit, I’ve always been very interested in different cultures, learning about them and seeing how they really live outside of tourist destinations.

“Street Food” does that, but obviously surrounding a culture’s food and how that impacts that culture’s people. Again, making it compelling but also relatable. Every country, every culture has their own special kind of food and that food tells a story. Every family also has their own traditions that also usually surrounded in some kind of food.

All of those things combined into this series makes it entertaining, mouth watering and wildly compelling.

Do what you will with this week’s Netflix Fix and happy streaming.

Avery Seeger is a staff writer at the Kentucky New Era. His column expounds on his love of movies and goal to produce films one day. Reach him at or on Twitter @AveryNewEra

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