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Nonpartisan city council elections are needed

I take exception to an article in Wednesday’s, May 6, Kentucky New Era, under the column titled “Nonpartisan elections should not be rushed.” I think we needed it badly in the city for elections to city council.

I draw on my experience in 1987; I entered the democratic primary for Ward 2 against Tommy Gates and lost 99 to 199. However, before the general election Tommy Gates assumed the office of mayor because of the death of Herb Hays in office. Tommy Gates had been mayor pro-tem. Hence, since I was the other candidate in the democratic primary, I thought that I should have been the democratic nominee for Council for Ward 2 but that didn’t happen. The democratic hierarchy picked John Collins. I asked the county clerk at the time, Elwanda Kennedy, whether they can do that and she assured me that was valid!

I don’t believe that it is restricted to the democratic party believe it also applies to the republican party. This is fortunate both locally and on the national scene. I believe that is why Bernie Sanders will not become the democratic nominee for president. This happened in the republican party in 1952 in that Dwight Eisenhower became the republican nominee instead of Estes Kefauver a senator from Tennessee.

All responsible comments are welcome as usual.

Rolf S. Pitsch

Hopkinsville, KY

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