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As Congress returns, Dems plans will benefit community

I want to make sure our community is aware of what is going on in Washington, D.C., as Congress returns from its August recess.

The House is poised to vote on President Biden’s American Families Plan. It will be extremely beneficial to communities like ours, and I think everyone should know what it will provide.

Here are the five things people in our community need to know about the American Families Plan:

1. Prescription drug costs will decrease because Medicare will be able to negotiate drug prices.

2. Universal preschool will be a reality; new parents will receive 12 weeks of paid leave to help raise their newborn children.

3. Two years of community college will be free of charge, allowing our children access to higher education that might otherwise be unaffordable.

4. Child tax credit payments that started in July will become permanent and also make the earned income tax credit expansion permanent — meaning families and low-income workers will be receiving tax cuts.

5. Much needed infrastructure improvements to our schools will be made.

This plan is just further proof that Democrats are delivering for our communities. I hope Congressman Comer will support this plan that will help the people of Christian County so much.

Peter C. Macdonald

Chair, Christian County Democratic Executive Committee

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Mr. MacDonald heralds the gracious benevolence of Democrats offering to help the community to the tune of a $1.8 Trillion taxpayer-funded Bill. Unfortunately, many people can not even fathom the amount of money they are trying to push through. Imagine if you had a job that paid $1 million dollars a year. Most of us would be giddy at the thought of making such a fabulous sum. We would consider ourselves rich beyond measure. You would have to work for 1000 YEARS just to make your first BILLION dollars (not Trillion)! To make a TRILLION dollars, you would have to work that 1000 years a thousand times. Like I said, it's inconceivable to even imagine that amount of money that the government (who doesn't earn a living) casually throws around to "help the public."

So where does the money come from? Your taxes? Corporate taxes? According to Democrats, they plan on taxing the evil "rich people" to pay for it and allowing you to enjoy the rewards of their heroic and chivalrous Robin Hood-like deeds. A look into history will prove that to be false. Have you noticed that some of the most prominent wealthy Democrats such as Bill Gates (Microsoft mogul), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook mogul), Jeff Bezos (Amazon mogul), Jack Dorsey (Twitter mogul), and many other corporate CEOs who affiliate with the democratic party have actually MADE money despite their party ranting about how awful other (and by other, I mean Republican) wealthy people are for having money? Why are these people not also on the center stage for taxation to help the little guy? Might I remind you that your neighbor or friend who invested everything they owned to run a small business was ruthlessly shut down over the pandemic and lost everything while these people made BILLIONS in record profits without so much as a warning from the pandemic police..

Well, those are only a few billionaires I'm talking about..what about the big companies, you ask? Acording to NPR, Wall Street backed Democrats over 2 to 1 for the 2020 election (other articles quote even greater disparities in campaign donations in favor of the democrat party). Do you honestly think they backed the guy that was going to reward their loyalty with horrendous tax hikes that would crush their business? Of course not.

Do not be blinded by the sparkle of Democrat promises that they are going to improve your life and want nothing in return. They want control. Period. The moment you are reliant on them for housing, food, childcare, medicine, and education you can guarantee that you had better be ready to march to the beat of their drum to continue to receive benefits or risk being thrown desolate to the street. A democratic government does not want people to be successful - successful people do not need government telling them what to do because they can take care of themselves. A plan that incentivizes you to become more isolated from the family unit and have poor work ethic so you become stuck in a never-ending cycle of government dependence. It's humorous to find that most Democratic plans have catchy titles that usually mean the OPPOSITE of what the bill actually entails..

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