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Liberal. Conservative. Christian. Atheist. Illegal immigrant. Black. White. Addict. Preacher. Car dealer. Lawyer. Doctor. Plumber. Roofer. OK, that's enough. What images flashed in your head as the words on this list passed your eyes. It may have happened so fast…

With California set to make it legal for student-athletes to make money off of their names and likenesses, we think it won't be long before Kentucky and, eventually, the whole nation, follows suit.

The 57th annual Lady Cemetery Homecoming was held in the Lyon County portion of LBL, formerly called Between the Rivers, on Sunday, Sept. 15. The tradition began as families were forced to re-locate in the 1960s due to TVA's use…

With members in five counties, our Lake Barkley Chamber of Commerce continues to grow and cover the Lake Barkley region. Our mission continues to be "Leading our businesses in economic growth through leadership, education, advocacy, relationship development and innovation."

Families in nearly every neighborhood of our country have suffered because of the opioid and substance abuse epidemic. For years, the situation just seemed to get worse as addiction hurt more families. Kentucky has tragically been among the hardest-hit states.…

This summer, Kentucky social workers, educators, judges, prosecutors, non-profit leaders, state legislators, and many others traveled across the state to learn about the federal Family First Prevention Services Act, its implementation in Kentucky, and what it will mean for families…

The House of Representatives is back in session following a productive district work period. Throughout the month of August, I traveled across the 1st District to 15 different counties in Central, Southern, and Western Kentucky. During my travels I met…

If you are interested in learning something new or giving back to your community, consider joining the Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association. Clubs across Kentucky are currently recruiting new members.

Kentucky's farmers are among the best in the world. It's no surprise agriculture leaders from around the country are looking to the Bluegrass State and our prospering hemp industry. Right now, hemp is growing in 101 of our 120 counties…

About five years ago, Mr. Ricky Hillgard became a volunteer at the Rest Home in Princeton Health Rehab.

Editor's Note: The ads on the back of the flag page which ran in The Princeton Times Leader on June 29, 2019 were printed sideways (not upside down) for ease of readership when flipping through the pages of the edition.…

News about climate change has been so spooky for so long that it can feel like background noise. We find a way to carry on like normal, even when the news is disquieting.

Although the official start of summer is still weeks away, Kentucky has already been experiencing high temperatures. Temperatures reached the mid- to high-80s Tuesday and are expected to hover in upper-70s and 80s all week.

Kentucky's primary election is this Tuesday and if voter participation in 2015 is any indication, the turnout will be in the neighborhood of a dismal 12 percent. Low turnout is partly because Kentucky is one of a handful of states…

Kentucky's pension children shouldn't pay for the sins of their retirement-systems' fathers.

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It’s not a bad time to be a Kentucky sports fan. Kentucky basketball remains a title contender every year, and the football program looks like it’s here to stay. Last season, both were staples in the Top 25 rankings, a pretty good indication of their quality.

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For decades, Oak Grove has been the red-headed stepchild of Christian County. Mama Fort Campbell always let some of her soldiers stay with Oak Grove, but that was little enough, and she was busy making doe-eyes at Clarksville. Papa Christian County loved her, sure, but not as much as he love…

Mayor Kota Young's announcement this week of a "Day of Service" in the community next Saturday, April 27, should spur all of us who call Princeton and Caldwell County home to do something in return for the community we love.

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Don’t call ICE to deport me, but the name you see at the bottom of this column isn’t my real one. Yes, it was the name I was given at birth, but something happened around the time I turned 7 years old that, to some people, changed it forever.

Jennifer P. Brown

Kentucky New Era Opinion Editor

Author Name: Jennifer P. Brown

Jennifer P. Brown is the opinion editor and can be reached at 270-887-3236 or jbrown@kentuckynewera.com.


Margaret Macdonald

Author Name: Margaret Macdonald

Margaret Macdonald is a retired school librarian and resident of Christian County.


Wille Cooper

Author Name: Willee Cooper

Willee Cooper is a former teacher and military spouse. A Hopkinsville resident, she is past president of the Kentucky Federation of Republican Women. Her column runs twice a month. Reach her atwilleecooper@gmail.com.


Reckon So

Author Name: Toby Hightower

Toby Hightower is an Opinion Columnist for The Kentucky New Era.


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