Lately, the same crazy dream is keeping me up at night.

It never fails to startle me awake, even from the deepest sleep.

In my dream, there’s a humongous flying saucer smack dab in the middle of a cornfield and some menacing Little Green Men dancing up a storm.

There’s also a strange but nice man — with a heavy Spanish accent and a big smile on his face — chasing after me. Every now and then, he catches me, and when he does, he looks me in the eyes and chants, “I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU!”

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that my wild dream probably has something — well, maybe everything — to do with that legendary encounter that a Kelly farm family supposedly had with space creatures 63 years ago next month.

It only makes sense, right? After all, the eighth annual Kelly Little Green Men Days Festival is less than three weeks away, scheduled for Aug. 17 and 18 at Kelly Station Park.

Let me also confess that the identity of that smiling man in my dream is no big mystery, either. He’s one of my new friends.

His name is Javier Sierra, a bestselling author and well-known television journalist from Spain.

Javier, who lives in Madrid, visited the Hopkinsville-Christian County community last August during the solar eclipse weekend. At the time, he and his film crew were working on a television documentary about the Kelly UFO incident and its connection to the 2017 total solar eclipse.

The 50-minute documentary aired to rave reviews on Spanish television this past January, and it’s now — finally, thanks to the internet — available for viewing in this country on YouTube.

Of course, most of it — including the narration, but not the interviews done with the locals — is in Spanish. Still, it’s really fun to watch, and there’s no problem at all following the storyline.

Javier Sierra, who just bubbles with energy and enthusiasm, has been described as Spain’s version of our own “Geraldo Rivera.” Well, at least by me, anyway.

The friendly Spaniard, in his quest to solve the Kelly case, made it a priority to chase down anybody he could find at last year’s festival who knew anything about what might have happened on the night of Aug. 21, 1955.

Not surprisingly, Geraldine Sutton Stith — the daughter of the late Elmer “Lucky” Sutton, who claimed he fired a shotgun at gremlin-like space creatures that floated out of a UFO after it landed near his farmhouse off Old Madisonville Road — turned out to be his prized interview and the cornerstone of the documentary.

Over the years, Geraldine has written two books on the Kelly incident (“Alien Legacy” and “The Kelly Green Men: Alien Legacy Revisited”) and spoken about it publicly on numerous occasions around the country, telling the story that her father told her as a little girl.

Javier didn’t stop with Geraldine in his quest for the truth.

Almost six minutes of the documentary are devoted to the interview he got from my best friend, Tim Ghianni, and me — co-authors of “Monkeys Don’t Wear Silver Suits: Kelly’s Little Green Men & the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.”

Turns out, Javier had read the book and was a big fan. Our interview took place in a spooky, old tobacco barn not far from the festival site. Tell me it wasn’t a hoot being befriended and interrogated by Javier, who was truly interested in hearing the many theories that have been put forth to explain the Kelly UFO incident.

Afterwards, Javier came looking for his new American friends several more times on the festival grounds, which, by then, was a sea of people waiting to witness the eclipse.

Each time, he offered — in his broken English — the same funny explanation for his return. “I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU!”

Those answers from Tim and me that day apparently were well worth the price of fame — at least in Spain, anyway.

Maybe it’s time for me to learn Spanish.

Where to watch

The 50-minute Spanish documentary is available for viewing on YouTube at

ROB DOLLAR was a reporter and editor for the Kentucky New Era for 20 years. A resident of Hopkinsville, he has authored three books on topics of local interest in recent years. He can be reached at

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