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In many ways, the Democrats want to solve one half of the problems we face and the Republicans want to solve the other half.

The dilemma seems to be that the solution to each half is the cause of the other half of the problems. I do not presume to say that I know the answer to this dilemma, but I wish to make some observations, which I will try to make honest. I am biased by indoctrination, but I will do my best to be honest in my observations.

One side seems focused on human needs and the other side seems more concerned with our placing of burdens on future generations. Both of these inclinations seem worthy, but close observation tells me that both are often times a screen for a hidden agenda.

In an emergency health situation, I might be inclined to beg, borrow or steal the money I would need for the survival of my children. I would not be inclined to do so for myself, but I admit that I want to leave my children some money to give them a leg up in life.

The pseudo biblical adage “From each according to his ability and to each according to his need” has a sacred ring to it, but it is verbatim from the “Communist Manifesto.” Surely it is implied in our Christian Bible too, but it is a difficult societal task.

It seems ridiculous for us to shut our government down, just as it seems ridiculous for us to continue going into debt and using our national resources for the mere payment of interest on our debt.

So, like the six blind men who went to see the elephant, we are all partly right, and we are all partly wrong. But in the long run, we are all mostly wrong. We are mostly deluded when we hear that we are reducing our national debt problem. The truth may be that we are slowing down the rate in which we are going into debt, but that is a far cry from reducing the debt.

At age 93, I sit on the sidelines with little to gain or lose in the partisan battle that we face.

Modern medical service is both a miracle and a muddle; I have had eye surgery recently, and the exact same tests with the exact same equipment were run on my eyes 14 different times. The eye doctors blame most of this replication on the lawyers.

Generally, I am opposed to adding another agency to the federal government, but I am inclined to add a Department of Common Sense, though I do not know who in the world we could get to staff it. Tom Paine, where are you when we seem to need you most?

In spite of my apparent pessimism, I expect the sun to continue to rise and set, and the world to keep on turning.  Just watching the parade can be a soothing panacea for some of the aches and pains of old age. Sometime when I am in the middle of a rant, I almost forget I have sight, hearing and memory problems.

TOBY HIGHTOWER is a retired educator and former Hopkinsville High School teacher. His email address is Write to him at 222 S. 25th St., Apartment 434, Terre Haute, IN. 47803.

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