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In the very short intervals between my long naps, I may have come up with an algorithm (whatever them things is)  to calm the frenzy of Republicans who think the IRS is searching deep into their pockets for a little more tax money.

The normal mode for a true Republican is outrage, and my hope is to restore them from Dervish frenzy to mere outrage so we can get back to some stage of political normalcy.

I suggest that we take a little look at history and see if it gives us any guidance in this matter. First, let us take a little look at the Nixon years and see what we can learn from them. One look at Nixon’s grim and sneaky visage convinced a lot of people that he was up to something, and sure enough, his henchmen were caught in the very act of breaking and entering. I do not know if it is a misdemeanor or a felony that we were dealing with. Well, maybe it might have been just some members of his gang that did it, but we were in no mood to tolerate misdemeanors or minor felonies from presidential henchmen in those days. We were in a mood to establish a precedent for future presidents whereby no lies would be tolerated. Later on, we decided that fibs about mere recreational sexual peccadillos ought to be exempted from the rule. Democrats very wisely cited the Biblical verse about the woman at the well and invoked the good sense rule of letting things in the past that no longer mattered be put to rest.

Our president has promised that everyone will be held accountable for their conduct and statements, but Republicans claim there are already too many accounts to choose from. It is mighty hard to placate an outraged Republican these days. No matter how many accounts they get, they never seem to be satisfied with any one of them.

Mitt Romney set the stage for a lot of this controversy with his 47  percent statement. If 47  percent of the citizens pay no income taxes and most of them are Democrats, it makes good sense to target Republicans for tax evasions. This statement by Romney probably caused him to lose the election and alerted the IRS as to where to look for tax evaders.

This little biased look at history has been something of a disappointment to me, so I guess our best bet is to look straight ahead and keep a steady course to wherever we are going.

Before we get to that wherever place, I expect that we will see many fall along the way.

TOBY HIGHTOWER is a retired educator and former Hopkinsville High School teacher. His email address is Write to him at 222 S. 25th St., Apartment 434, Terre Haute, IN. 47803.

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