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Waters is comparing apples to oranges

When Jim Waters set out to trash Governor Beshear’s efforts to keep Kentucky’s citizens safe, he chose a state to make his comparison with as different from Kentucky as he possible could.

Yes, South Dakota does have far fewer total cases and deaths from Covid-19. Let’s take a look though at the state of South Dakota in comparison to Kentucky.

First of all, Kentucky has almost 5 times as many citizens as South Dakota does. Then we note that this is on only about 1/2 of the total square miles that South Dakota has. Our population per square mile is 100, while theirs is 12. South Dakota’s 2 largest cities are Sioux Falls at 183,200 and Fargo at 105,549. In comparison we have Louisville at 770,557 and Lexington at 323,780.

It stands to reason that overall the residents there would have a much easier time, then our residents would, of going about their normal daily lives. Why didn’t Mr Waters choose one of our neighboring states that would be much more like Kentucky? Compared to them we are doing a pretty good job of keeping ourselves safe and healthy.

I’m sure also that Governor Beshear hasn’t just made decisions willy nilly. He consults with the a wide range of experts. Next time Mr Waters wants to make a comparison he should at least stick to just different varieties of apples instead of jumping to a completely different fruit.

Terry Lamberson

Springmont Drive, Hopkinsville

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