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Importance of a local newspaper

Dear Kentucky New Era,

Thank you for your June 14 article about the Graham and Mary Alice Duncan family and their farm becoming a part of Murray State University. I would like to express my appreciation for another important contribution that the Duncan family made to our community.

There probably aren't very many people in Christian County who remember something else the Duncan family did to make life here more pleasant, way back in the mid 1950's. Each summer the Duncans' held either a 4-H or Girl Scouts' camp at their home. It was so long ago that I can't remember which organization it was.

The Duncans were so generous to allow us little girls to come to their farm to have our camp. In those days there weren't very many people around here who had a swimming pool; the Duncans were among those few. It was such a thrill for us little girls to go to their farm and swim in their pool, which was behind their large, beautiful brick home. I loved every minute of it!

The Duncans were so generous to allow all of us little girls to come to their home, and especially to allow us to swim! Your story about the Duncans is a good example of why a local newspaper is so important to the "mental health" of a community. Without one, we would have no way to convey the elements of local life that encourage compassion, ambition and generosity, only a few of the positive aspects of a healthy community.

Thank you too for the article about Colonel White and his admirable career in the military, which was in the paper the same day. He, and the paper, provided a great commentary about what people can do to achieve success.

We need our local newspaper! Facebook, Google, and our other media outlets are fun, but they have little substance. A local newspaper has lots of substance -- something that is so really needed nowadays.

Margaret Macdonald

Hopkinsville, KY

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