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Has our State Government lost their minds?

When it was announced that Lake Barkley Lodge was going to be used to help COVID-19 patients that had no place to go, I had no problem with that if there were safety and health measures in place for them and staff that were caring for them.

I was a surprised to hear how few patients were housed at the lodge during this time. I really was expecting more individuals if you need to use a state lodge for this type of housing. At one time they had 8 patients, and they are now down to 4. That is a pretty expensive decision for so few people.

Now, we have a decision from the state that the lodge will not be opening this year due to 4 patients remaining. They have a crossed a line into unreasonable. You do not shut down entire areas that rely on tourism dollars for 4 people.

Is Governor Beshear really trying to tell us that in the entire commonwealth of Kentucky you can’t find needed housing for 4 people so it doesn’t kill the season for multiple counties that rely on these tourism dollars?

There are many families spread all over our area of Western Kentucky that rely on tourism to pay their bills and help their families. Our country is facing hard economic times once things open back up as it is, and now our governor thinks keeping Lake Barkley Lodge closed for the season is a smart idea when you have so few that they are currently housing?

This is not by any stretch a rational decision on their part. I encourage others to contact our state officials to complain! For myself? I would love to hear their strange rationale regarding this decision. It is outrageous!

Main Line: (502) 564-2611 For the State of Kentucky

Representative Larry Elkins (R)

(270) 293-4841

(502) 564-8100 Ext. 607 — Annex

Representative Walker Thomas (R)

(270) 889-8091

(502) 564-8100 Ext. 658 — Annex

Senator Stan Humphries (R)

(502) 564-8100 Ext. 870 — Annex

Helen Turgeon


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