Entering the first round of the KHSAA playoffs as the fourth seed and still searching for their first win of the season, the Christian County Colonels have absolutely nothing to lose.

When County takes on the Bowling Green Purples tonight in Bowling Green, it's not about looking for win number one, it's about going in and putting it all on the line.

"Right now, it doesn't matter that we went 0-10 -- everybody is 0-0," Colonels head coach Steve Lovelace said. "I told our kids, 'Go shock the state.' "

In order to do that, Christian County will need to take down a Bowling Green team that finished the season with a 7-3 record and defeated the Colonels 49-0 in their matchup this season.

Lovelace said his team will need to come ready to go in order to have a chance to upset the Purples.

"We've got to show up and play," Lovelace said. "The first time we played them, I don't think we tackled very good at all. I don't think we did a very good job of it and it showed up on film. We went back to our pursuit and team tackling. We gave up 21 points because we missed six tackles. That's one thing I think we have improved on."

The Colonels' skipper said he wants his team to show all the work they do during the week pay off tonight from the get-go.

"(I want to see them) immediately ready to go, not blowing coverages, not missing tackles because we weren't there, not missing blocks -- just doing the things we work on," Lovelace said. "We don't have to play perfect, but we've got to play. I told them that if something bad happens early, don't hold your head down and say, 'Well, it's over,' -- fight back."

The task will be a tall one for County, as Bowling Green has played and competed with some of the best in the state this season.

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Lovelace doesn't expect the Purples to make any changes ahead of tonight's kickoff.

"They're not going to change anything," he said. "They've played a tough schedule like we have. They played Trinity last week and they scored 21 points on Trinity. Offensively, they're potent and defense wise, they're really good too. They're good in all phases of the game."

With an uphill battle ahead, Lovelace said the game doesn't have to be played perfectly in order to win, but told his team it comes down to one thing tonight.

"I told them, 'Here's the bottom line. Do you want to want to come back to practice next week? If you do, you find a way to win.' If we lose this game, there is no tomorrow," Lovelace said. "I said, 'Your backs are against the wall and you've got to come out swinging.'

"(Football) is the best sport in the state of Kentucky to go watch when it transitions to playoff time."

The Colonels and Purples will kick off at 7 p.m. in Bowling Green.

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