Ohio Valley League baseball at its roots is a players from a bunch of different areas brought together to play baseball.

There are some instances where you get to watch future collegiate teammates take the diamond together.

Former Christian County Colonel Lane Diuguid will depart from Hopkinsville and head to Bowling Green to begin his college career at Western Kentucky University. When Diuguid gets to take the field with the Hilltoppers for the first time, he will see some familiar faces when he steps on the diamond.

The Hoptown Hoppers' roster consists of 25 players that go to or will be attending 17 different schools. Diuguid, as well as Hunter Evans, Jacob Jenkins and Hunter Crosby, play for WKU.

Diuguid is in a unique opportunity where he can begin to build a bond with some of his future teammates before he even steps foot in Bowling Green.

He said it's great for him because he will already have chemistry with some of his teammates.

"It's definitely good, especially for one of them since I'm a pitcher," Diuguid said. "Hunter Evans is a catcher so it's been good to get that bond going.

"One of them I played travel ball with, so there was only one of them that I didn't know, but it's been great getting comfortable and getting to know them. Just getting ready for the future and many of baseball games together."

Diuguid and Evans' relationship and chemistry is pivotal given their positions. Evans said he and Diuguid have talked about what is to come in the near future.

"We actually sat together on the bus and talked about what all he needs to expect his freshman year with the school and academics and the sports," Evans said. "We've definitely been building a bond over the summer and getting to catch for him has been good because I get to see what he does and what he likes to do with the ball."

"We've gotten closer and I think a strong connection between a pitcher and a catcher is important," Diuguid added.

Evans is able to relate to Diuguid in the sense of getting acclimated with future teammates, as the Bowling Green native got into the WKU baseball family early.

"For me, I was from Bowling Green, so I already knew some of the guys on the team -- they helped me fit in with everybody," he said. "I think it's big for him to get to know us so when we actually report and go to Western that he'll be one of the guys."

Now it's on Evans, Jenkins and Crosby to do the same with the Hoptown native.

"The three of us already at Western are already really good friends, we've been around each other every day," Evans said. "(We're) welcoming him in, getting him used to us -- it's been good."

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