One thing is certain when watching a University Heights Academy boys' soccer game, junior Will Bryan is always bringing the juice.

Bryan said it doesn't matter the situation, he'll always be hustling and putting it on the line for his team.

"Every game I just come out and give it my all," he said. "It doesn't matter how I'm playing, you'll always see me hustling."

It's Bryan's energy and will to do everything it takes that makes him the Toyota of Hopkinsville Southern Pennyrile Boys' Soccer Athlete of the Year.

Bryan saw 2019 as an opportunity to step up and take charge of the Blazers. With the departure of Ian Calvert, the junior paced the Blazers, leading the team with 38 goals -- finishing fifth in the state and doubling his total from a year ago.

"I knew we were losing Ian and Ian was if not the best player on our team for sure the second-best player on our team," Bryan said. "I knew I had to step up. Tanner Thomas for sure stepped up too. I just knew I had to step up and my teammates really did a good job finding me."

While Calvert's departure may have benefited Bryan from a statistical standpoint, Calvert had a part in the big year for the Blazer.

"Ian has been my next-door neighbor since we were little and he's my best friend. He really got me back into soccer," he said. "To be honest, I would like to give a lot to credit to Ian because if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have had the breakout season that I did. He got me back into soccer and it's probably my favorite sport now. I just knew I had to come out and play my hardest and play my best and I got the goal in the back of the net."

While he is the one kicking the ball into the back of the net, Bryan said his faith is one of the driving forces to his play on the pitch.

"I give a lot of credit to God," he said. "I pray before each game. I pray for my team. I feel like he really motivates me and keeps me going at all times."

Bryan wasn't the only one to get an offensive uplift this season for UHA. Under first-year head coach Frankie Thomas, the Blazers scored a school-record 97 goals on the season. Bryan said Thomas was a part of getting the number of goals he and the team got this season.

"We worked on possession a lot more this year and I think that helped us," Bryan said. "Last year we for sure could not possess the ball -- we couldn't connect three or four passes. We still had a pretty good season last year, but once Frankie came in and taught us how to possess, it really did bring new opportunities for our team.

"I think we had a lot more players score this year, which really helps ... I think we had four or five guys close to 10 goals or more."

Bryan's breakout season is just the beginning for him. He said he wants to set the bar even higher in his senior season.

"My goal for next year is to lead the state in goals," he said. "There's a lot of good players in the state. I don't know if it'll happen. We just need guys to step up and find me and I need to find more guys and we just have to work together as a team ... I just really want to be the number one goal scorer in the state. That's my goal and that's been my goal for a few years now."

After making an appearance in the All "A" State Tournament in 2019, Bryan wants to build off that and accomplish even more in his senior season.

"UHA has always been known as a basketball school and soccer has really never been there," Bryan said. "We haven't done much so making it to All 'A' State, it means a lot. I'm glad I could be a part of it and hopefully next year We'll make an even bigger impact on the school."

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