Christian County quarterback Jordan Miles scrambles in County’s loss to Logan County.

After a week off due to a COVID cancellation, the Christian County Colonels return home tonight as they host Madisonville-North Hopkins.

While COVID was the cause of the cancellation of last week’s game, County was able to rehab some guys they need ahead of their game against the Maroons — especially starting quarterback Jordan Miles.

Miles injured his groin during the Colonels’ loss to Logan County and head coach Ricky Gehres said Miles is almost 100% ahead of their game.

“I’d say he’s probably 90-95%,” he said of his quarterback. “He’s still nursing it and holding back a little bit because he doesn’t want to hurt it again. … He’s done everything he could possibly do to be 100%. You just need time for stuff like that. We’re going to go with him. He puts us in the best spot to win a football game.”

After Miles went down, Gehres saw first-hand what happened to his offense.

He said he hopes Miles has learned leading into tonight’s game how to protect himself.

“He’s just a tough kid — he’s a competitor,” Gehres said. “He’s got to protect himself. QBs don’t have frames built like linebackers and running backs. They can’t take as much punishment. … I’m not really big on having my guys slide … but I’m definitely teaching him how to avoid contact and minimize his hitbox.”

While the quarterback is one big piece of many that are returning, Gehres said the Colonels will still be shorthanded heading into the game.

“I wish it were more but essentially we were able to get our injured guys in better shape,” Gehres said. “Like Jordan Miles, he needed the week off because he had that groin injury. A lot of those guys did get healthy but unfortunately, we still have a bunch of quarantined guys out. They’re going to be out another 10-plus days probably. They have to get out of quarantine and then go through a re-acclimation period. We’re still going to be severely under-manned but it was a good break for the guys to clear their minds.”

The Colonels welcome the Maroons to the Stadium of Champions, a team that, much like County, is very young and building experience with a new quarterback under center.

“They’re like us — super young,” Gehres said. “I think their running back is really solid, their run game is solid. They’re grooming a QB — he’s a freshman. He lacks the experience but he’s an athletic kid and we’ve got to contain him.

“Defensively, they want to play a lot of man — they’ve got a lot of athletes in the secondary. They’re fast in the box. They like to load it up. Chris Price — has been there for a long time under several head coaches and has a lot of knowledge. … I know they’re not where he wants them to be right now but they’re definitely headed in the right direction.”

After an extra week off during the season, Gehres is hoping to see that same fire and intensity that he saw in week one tonight at the stadium.

“I think they’re hungry and want to get back after it,” Gehres said. “Just come out and do what we coach them to do. Doing what they do and be athletes. I don’t want them playing slow. I don’t want them thinking. We’ve got new kids playing new positions. I need them to groom and help each other. I need them to communicate a lot. If we do those things and execute on both sides of the ball, I think we’ll do very well.”

County and Madisonville will kick off at 7 p.m.

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